Chapter 82

Rebuilding a Kingdom with Modern Knowledge Cheat

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The next day after raising from F-Rank to E-Rank. That day, Dirkhert didn’t receive any requests, he had a day off.
As the result of continuing to receive requests from morning till evening without taking a break from the day of receiving the Adventurer’s card, the two ranked up unusually quickly in a week, but. Even if they are Demons, they will tire out without taking a break.
Besides, Dirkhert study was neglected recently. It’s time to progress with his lectures.

“I haven’t studied for a long time~”

Dirkhert is studying in the corner of the inn’s bar.
It’s a time where adventurers already went out. Currently, there are only several adventurers in the bar who decided to take a day off like Dirkhert and Aron.
The relatively free bar is just the right place for Dirkhert’s study. Dirkhert is currently writing down calculations in his notebook with a cat laying on his lap.

“Kitty plus Kitty is~…… Kitty!”

He studies while saying such things, making everyone worry if he’s correctly solving the problems, but he’s properly writing down answers in his notebook.
He’s currently doing two digits multiplication, definitely not addition.

“Dispatch the fantastic pads~…… funifuni~!”

I have no idea what he’s saying, but I will allow it since he seems to be having fun. Meluerina convinces herself.

“Stuuudying wiith Neeeko-san, sooo fuuuun~”


The cat timely meows as if responding to Dirkhert. The several adventurers leisurely drinking tea unconsciously spill laughs. If asked how many of the adventures can do what Dirkhert is currently studying, the answer would be most likely none. They, who stayed to relax at the bar probably won’t notice the contents of Dirkhert’s studying.
In this calm atmosphere, Aron who went out to pour tea took a peek at Dirkhert’s notebook and instantly stiffened.

“Eh…… Eh, Dirk-kun, you can solve problems like that……?”
“Yeah, I can, you know~”

While answering as if that was given, he continues to solve the problems one after another. Aron can’t check if the answers are correct or not, but he’s certainly solving them on his own.

“No way…… That would be impossible for me.”

In general, knowing how to read, write and knowing simple additions and subtractions is more than enough. Still, one would be praised by surroundings as excellent.
But, this five years old Dirkhert is solving problems that are far too difficult for Aron.

“Dirk-sama, division questions are next after you finish.”

Multiplication is still rather alright, but over here, there isn’t anyone who has learned division.
Meluerina who takes out division problems that are even harder than two-digit multiplications and Dirkhert who answered as it was natural.
Just who is this little child? As if having a maid and elf next to him didn’t raise that question enough.
They deepen the mystery about themselves even more before realizing.

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