Chapter 81

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Special Case
About ten minutes has passed since Isaru entered the inner part of the guild, but there are no signs of him returning.
Dirkhert and others entered the guild’s bar and ordered drinks. Not to mention Dirkhert who finished the request, Meluerina and Volsung quietly looked after Dirkhert, but it appears that he was merely thirsty.

“Can Dirk become E-Rank, I wonder……”

He must have recalled the conversation from a while ago. Such words suddenly leaked from Dirkhert’s mouth.
Meluerina and Volsung also felt uneasy at the beginning, but if Dirkhert couldn’t rank up, there wouldn’t be a reason for Isaru to take his Adventurer’s card. In other words, you could say that Dirkhert’s promotion is almost certain.
It’s just that even though he took his Adventurer’s card, there’s no need to make them wait for so long.
Just what is going on…… the irritation swells up in Meluerina with the passage of time. The moment she was about to explode if she waited for a few more minutes, there was finally a movement.
One of the guild’s male staff approached Dirkhert and others.
Seeing a strange man drawing close, Dirkhert’s shoulders jolted, he quickly got down from the chair and climbed on Meluerina’s lap who was sitting next to him.
The man who tried to speak with Dirkhert spoke to Meluerina instead after receiving a light shock of being avoided.

“The branch chief asked that you come to the reception office, but……”

Since he has called them to the reception office, it means that he has something that he can’t say in this place.
He called them like this because he probably knew it wouldn’t be that easy. Thinking of it like that, it’s quite nerve-wracking.


Dirkhert calls Meluerina’s name in a worried voice. She lifted the little master that was tightly grabbing on her clothes up to her arms, and the three were led by the man to the reception office.
Isaru was waiting for them in the room. Dirkhert’s Adventurer’s proof was laying on top of the table. But, it was slightly different from the ordinary Adventurer’s card.

“Sorry to call you over. First of all, sit down please.”

Dirkhert and others sit on the sofa as told. Dirkhert as usually is seated on top of Meluerina’s lap clinging to her with all his might.

“About Dirk-kun’s raising of status, I have a bit to talk.”
“Are there any problems?”
“As expected, not being able to defeat monsters on his own hinders his promotion.”
“Does that mean that he can’t be promoted?”


Isaru’s face stiffens after hearing Meluerina’s cold voice. Her anger has been properly transmitted to Isaru.

“No, even if he can’t defeat them on his own, he has enough ability to become sufficient support to his party. There wouldn’t be a problem for him to become E-Rank.”
“Then, what is the problem?”
“The problem is that his limit are F-Rank requests. But, he has the ability. Therefore, I have talked with the chief of the headquarter’s guild about what should I do.”

Because Dirkhert is young, so even if he has the ability, there are many things he can’t do on his own. Because of that, Isaru was troubled about what to do.
Thereupon, it was decided that Dirkhert will get a special case promotion after contacting the guild chief of the capital city Houtstad.

“As a result, this is Dirk-kun’s new Adventurer’s card.”

The Adventurer’s card that was presented to him was green…… it was the color which represents F-Rank. However, unlike before, the card has blue borders which represent E-Rank.
And, at the lower part of the card,『E-Rank only when with guardians』was written.
In other words, Dirkhert is F-Rank when he acts on his own, but when he’s with his guardians Meluerina and Volsung, he becomes E-Rank. But then, because Meluerina is A-Rank, she can’t take complete requests with the two, so Volsung is the sole ‘guardian’ for the time being.

“Dirk’s card is different from Vol’s?”
“Dirk-sama’s is specially made. It says that Dirk-sama can accept E-Rank requests only when he’s with me. But, when alone, Dirk-sama can take only F-Rank requests.”
“Is that so~ It doesn’t matter that much since I’m always with Vol, right~”
“That’s right.”

Isaru himself knew that this measure wasn’t really necessary because Dirkhert never receives requests on his own. Therefore, he probably took such measures. But, because there’s still a chance. He had to make such a measure.

“Dirk-kun has become E-Rank starting today, congratulations.”

Saying that, Isaru holds out his hand. Although timidly, Dirkhert did the same.
With his small hand, Dirkhert grasped Isaru’s middle finger and index finger and shook hands.

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