Chapter 80

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Raising of Status Complete
When Dirkhert returned to the guild, Meluerina, Volsung, and the branch chief Isaru were waiting for him.

“Melu, Vol, I’m back~!”

After saying that, Dirkhert ti~ghtly hugged Meluerina.

“Welcome back, Dirk-sama. But, it’s not over yet, you know?”
“Right, I have to report!”

Reporting the completion of the request is also part of the job. It’s still too early to feel relieved.
Dirkhert separated from Meluerina at once and handed Chocola and others to Volsung.
After pulling a nearby chair to the reception desk, he gets on it and calls to the receptionist.

“The request is done~ these are the herbs! I have also brought ingredients for antidotes and magical power restoration and other herbs so please buy them off of me!”

Because Volsung would usually report the request completion, this is Dirkhert’s first time.
He always observed Volsung while he was reporting, so Dirkhert was able to report the completion of the request smoothly.
After receiving the herbs, and material for antidotes and magical power restoration, the receptionist miss told Dirkhert “Wait a moment, okay?” and retreated to the room behind.
After about five minutes, the receptionist miss returns.

“Thank you for waiting. This is the money for today’s request, it’s five coppers. And this is the payment for the antidote and magical power restoration materials and the other medicinal herbs.”

After confirming the amount of money, Dirkhert stored it in his shoulder bag.

“Oneesan, see you tomorrow~!”


Dirkhert jumps from the chair and returns it to its original place. And this time, he runs back to Meluerina and Volsung.

“It’s over! Dirk was able to do it alone!”
“Thank you for your hard work. Also, congratulations for completing a request on your own for the first time.”
“We have to celebrate today, don’t we?”

As Meluerina and Volsung were sneakily following after him, Dirkhert didn’t encounter any danger and smoothly completed the request.
Even from the perspective of the branch chief Isaru, there were no problems. But, there’s still one problem.

“Dirk-kun, can you defeat monsters?”

Dirkhert who was in the midst of joy was troubled by Isaru’s sudden question, shaking his head up and down, then shaking his head left and right.
Meluerina and Volsung noticed hearing Isaru’s question. Their happy expressions immediately changed into anxious ones.

“Monster subjugation request appears starting from E-Rank. If you can’t defeat monsters, it will be difficult raise you to E-Rank.”
“It’s no good even if Dirk did his best……?”

Certainly, he safely passed his promotional examination. But, it would be hard to live as E-Rank if he can’t defeat monsters. As an F-Rank, all requests are simple requests from the town people and gathering herbs. E-Rank requests are mostly monster subjugations.
Because it’s not possible to accept a request below your rank, he would have a difficult time as E-Rank if he can’t defeat monsters.

“Dirk-sama certainly can’t defeat monsters yet, but Chocola and others are able to defeat monsters in his stead. If Dirk-sama can act as our support, he will be able to manage.”

Isaru racks his brains after hearing Volsung.
Chocola and others are moving thanks to Dirkhert’s own magic. Because of that, if Chocola and others defeat a monster, it counts as if Dirkhert was the one who defeated it. In addition, while acting as a support of the party, it’s possible to raise one’s rank from E even without killing.
Considering that, Dirkhert is suitable to be raised to E-Rank.
But, because there’s the question of ethics in letting a five years old child subjugating monsters, Isaru is very troubled.
Making a living as a five years old adventurer is unheard of. It’s not strange that Isaru found himself in a tough position.
He can’t defeat monsters on his own, but if he provides support for his guardians, he will be sufficiently useful. Looking just at his ability, he’s more than sufficient to pass as E-Rank.
After being troubled for a while, Isaru decided to take Dirkhert’s adventurer’s card.
He told them to wait for a moment, then entered the inner part of the guild.

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