Chapter 79

Rebuilding a Kingdom with Modern Knowledge Cheat

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Raising of Status 3
When getting out of the town, Dirkhert lowers Chocola and others on the ground.
There’s not much traffic outside, so he doesn’t have to worry about getting separated.

“Err, the herbs are growing near that river over there, you know?”

To his words, the three pikopiko move their hands in reply.
Because he has taken the three several times when gathering herbs with Volsung, so the three also seem to remember.
It takes about thirty minutes for an adult to reach the river. It would take probably about twice as long for a child like Dirkhert. Actually, whenever he went with Volsung, one-way trip took approximately one hour.

“There are other herbs near the river like herbs used for magical power recovery so let’s take them as well if you find them.”

The three stuffed animals kokukoku nod to while walking to Dirkhert words.
Potepote. While walking towards the river, a grasshopper jumps in front of Dirkhert.

“Whoa, Mr. Grasshopper!”

He crouches down and watches the grasshopper pyokon, pyokon, cross in front of him. After that, he starts walking again.
Today’s weather is clear, the breeze is pleasant, truly nice weather.
While heading towards the river, Dirkhert finds flowers, he discovers insects, and he starts chasing after a butterfly after a while of observing. Slowly, slowly, he arrives at the river at his own pace.

“Ah, we have arrived at the river!”

Such words left Dirkhert’s mouth for about one hour and a half after leaving the town. It can’t be helped that he has arrived even later than usual.

“Then, let’s search for the herbs along the river, okay?”


The three animals, pikopiko moved their hands as if saying “Roger!” and everyone dispersed, searching for the herbs.
They have been taught about the herb appearances beforehand, so there’s no need to teach them again.
Looking at the three animals that started looking for medicinal herbs, Dirkhert takes three sacks out of his bag, holds them in one hand, and starts searching for herbs, following three.

“Ah, antidote found.”

Although it was not the herb he was looking for, Dirkhert knows he found a plant used for antidotes, so he plucked some of its leaves and stuffed them in one of his sacks. While Dirkhert was doing so, the three potepote returned, bringing something back.

“You guys have already found some!? So fast……!”

After confirming the herbs they brought, Dirkhert places the three sacks in front of the three.

“Chocola’s is antidote, so you take this sack, Tart’s is the medicinal plant so it’s this one, and Pudding’s plant is an ingredient for magical power restoration, so it belongs here~”

He quickly confirms the use of the plants and divides them to the sack by their type.

“Alright, let’s keep on working hard like this~!”

When Dirkhert says so while raising his little fist overhead, the raise their hands full of vigor.
Like that, Dirkhert and the three animals who went to search for the herbs reunited again after approximately one hour.

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