Chapter 78

Rebuilding a Kingdom with Modern Knowledge Cheat

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Raising of Status 2
After leaving the guild, Dirkhert and the stuffed animals went towards the gate in order to get outside the town.
But, Dirkhert is not walking around the town alone. Even now, Meluerina and Volsung are without a doubt with him.
Anxious about walking alone, Dirkhert trots potepote towards the gate while tightly holding Chocola, Tart, and Pudding in his embrace.

“Dirk is walking alone for the first time, my heart is dokidoki~”

In response to Dirkhert’s words, the three people stealthily following after him, we are the ones feeling, even more dokidoki……! They can’t help but tsukkomi in their minds.
Dirkhert steadily progresses towards the gate, but there are many distracting things on the way for a child like him.

“Ah, a blooming Flower~”

When Dirkhert crouches to look at the little flower which bloomed on the roadside, a cat crossed in front of him.
There’s no way that a cat lover like Dirkhert could fail to notice that cat.


He suddenly stood up and potepote followed after the tekoteko walking cat.

“Nya~ Nya~ Kitty, where are you goinya~?”

He followed after the cat while saying that, but the cat jumped on the roof before long, so he gave up on his pursuit.
Dirkhert retraced back on the path he followed the cat at, and resumed walking towards the gate again.
On the way, he came across a Yakitori stall. Because the fragrance drifting from the stall was nice as always, Dirkhert unconsciously approached.
And then, he fixedly stared at the stall owner grilling the meat.


“N? Aren’t you the sonny who always comes to buy my skewers? Did you come to buy some today as well?”

To the owner’s words, Dirkhert furufuru shakes his head.

“Right now you see~ I’m on the way to secure herbs for the guild’s request. I will come back with Vol when I return, so prepare exceptionally delicious meat for me, okay!”
“Understood, I will make exceptionally delicious meat for sonny, so you do your best!”

Dirkhert waves at the stall owner and walks towards the gate again.
But, after about five minutes, he approached the florist he usually visits.

“Oh my? Isn’t that Dirk-kun? Are you alone today?”
“You see, I’m going to gather herbs now. I’m doing the guild’s promotisomething? so I’m alone.”
“Is that so? Do your best then.”
“Yea, will do~! Once I’m done, I will come with Melu and Vol to buy flowers, okay!”
“Okay, I will wait for you.”

Saying that he waves at the florist’s Obasan, returns on the road and begins walking to the gate once again.
And then, after taking twice the usual time, Dirkhert finally arrived at the gate.
The hearts of the three who are stealthily following after Dirkhert are throbbing fast nervously but felt relieved when Dirkhert finally reached the gate.
While being watched over by the three, Dirkhert who was tightly hugging the three stuffed animals in his arms hugged them even tighter.

“Dirk made a lot of promises. Dirk will do his best……!”

He slowly walks out of the gate while muttering so.
Meluerina and Volsung who understood that Dirkhert’s dropping on the way was to encourage himself, swore that they will spoil him a lot when he comes back.

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