Chapter 77

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Raising of Status 1
Dirkhert starts choosing a request that he will have to complete by himself in order to raise his status.
This time, Dirkhert has chosen a herb gathering request.
It’s the same request he chose when he accepted a request for the first time. It’s a herb growing near the river which is used as a cold remedy.
Because he has accepted it several times before with Volsung, he should be able to complete it with no difficulties.
Dirkhert used a chair to get the request that was pinned higher than his own height and carried it to the usual receptionist miss.
Because the reception counter is also taller than Dirkhert, he brings the chair with him.
The little child trying hard to carry a chair while letting out “Unsho, yoisho” noises, makes everyone want to lend a hand unconsciously, but they couldn’t do anything as Dirkhert has to complete the request all by himself. Because of that, lending him a hand is prohibited.
Naturally, the story of the promotion examination reached Meluerina’s ears. Currently, she, Volsung and the branch chief Isaru are watching over him.
The other adventurers are also watching over the little adventurer, but they are just outsiders, so they don’t count.

“This, please.”

He hands over the request and his adventurer’s card.
The receptionist miss who was notified beforehand accepts that and proceeds with the request registration.

“Here, the procedure is complete. Do your best, okay!”
“Yes, thank you!”

After Dirkhert receives the adventurer’s card and securely puts it into his pouch, he jumps down from the chair.
He then lifts the chair again and carries it to its original place.
Chocola, Tart, and Pudding were following after Dirkhert since a while ago.
When Dirkhert looks back.

“Well then, herb search, let’s go~!”

Saying that, he raises his little fist.
Chocola, Tart, and Pudding imitate that and raise their hands as well. They also seem to be in high spirits.
Thus, the little Maou-sama and three stuffed animals went to collect herbs.
Without noticing Meluerina, Volsung, and Isaru stealthily following after them……

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