Chapter 98

Rebuilding a Kingdom with Modern Knowledge Cheat

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Dirkhert, together with Chocola, Tart, and Pudding stood alone in front of the cave. Meluerina and Volsung are waiting while hidden.
When it came to the discussion on how to catch the bandits, Dirkhert “Dirk will do it alone!” proposed. When told I would like to try neither Meluerina nor Volsung could tell him “No way”. Because of that, they have decided to leave it to him.
Although standing in a place they could help him at any time, it can’t be helped that they are nervous and worried.
Before long, footsteps could be heard from within the cave. Four men have appeared. One of them was holding Lia under his arm. It appears she’s unconscious as she’s not moving at all.
Seeing such appearances, Dirkhert calls out “Lia!”. But naturally, Lilia has no reaction towards his voice. Only the bandits have noticed him.

“N? A brat and…… stuffed toys? Why at such place……”

Standing in their way in front of the cave is a five years old child and three stuffed toys. It can’t be helped that the question What is a child doing here? floated on their minds.
While the bandits are confused at the appearance of a child, Dirkhert briskly gives directions while glaring at them.

“Chocola, Pudding, save Lia! Tart will cover for Chocola and Pudding together with Dirk!”

As soon as he said that, Dirkhert fired binding magic. Moreover, towards the four men all at once.
Using plants to bind opponents is an Earth magic of intermediate level. He released several at once and instantly without a chant at that. No matter how dextrous the opponents, there’s no way they could have avoided.
But, the opponents won’t get restrained so simply either. As if used to it, they immediately cut off the grass and ivy restriction with swords and daggers. They experience is not little.

“This brat……!”

One of the opponents must be an archer. He loaded an arrow to his bow, took aim at Dirkhert and fired. But, before that, kan another arrow deflected it. And immediately following that, the man screamed.

“Gyaaaaa! My hand, my haaaand!!”

Tart has knocked down the opponent’s arrow and Pudding chopped off the man’s hand from the wrist down with its spear. A truly good combination attack.
Seeing the man crying in pain, the other men falter and start moving to attack Dirkhert.
On the contrary to Dirkhert’s counterattack……

“Fu…… fueeeeeeen!”

He burst into tears. Moreover, grandly and defenselessly at that.
In the meanwhile, the men approach Dirkhert and Tart and Pudding rush in a panic to help Dirkhert. Incidentally, Chocola is moving while being squashed under Lilia whom it saved.
Meluerina and Volsung sensed the danger and immediately started moving.
Volsung cuts the men in pieces with wind magic and Meluerina chops off their legs and arms with her sword. Truly brilliant moves with no flaws.
The men who were instantly blocked by their attacks shout in pain and roll around the ground.
He can feel relieved with this. Thinking so, Volsung calls out to Dirkhert.


“Dirk-sama, injuries……”

Are there any, he paused his words.

“Pain is no goooooooood!”

Before being able to finish saying everything, he started crying even more.

“Eh, hey, Dirk-sama……?”

Volsung was perplexed at why Dirkhert was crying so much.

“Are you injured somewhere? Where does it hurt?”
“Uwaaaaaaah! Stupiiiiiiiiid!”

While shouting such, he jumps into Volsung’s chest and repeatedly hits it.

“Eh, ummm…… eeh?”

Just what has happened that he cries so much? Volsung tries to comfort Dirkhert while perplexed at what is happening.
On the other hand, Meluerina seems to have guessed the reason. She sighs deeply and restrains the bandits with rope one after another.

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