Chapter 99

Rebuilding a Kingdom with Modern Knowledge Cheat

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Meluerina who restrained the bandits and closed their wounds to an extent returned to Dirkhert who was still grumbling.

“Dirk-sama, have you calmed down a little?”
“…… Sniff.”

Dirkhert clinging to Volsung slightly nodded his head. He looks back at the restrained men.
Their cut wrists and fingers have been properly reattached, even those who had their limbs cut off with sword look woundless at a glance.
Volsung who in the end couldn’t figure out why Dirkhert started suddenly crying asked while stroking his little master’s head.

“Melu, why did Dirk-sama suddenly started crying?”
“…… Brother-in-law-sama, you really don’t know?”
“I wouldn’t ask if I knew.”

Hearing that, Meluerina sighed and explained to him the reason.

“Dirk-sama grieves even when a monster gets hurt, there’s no way he wouldn’t get sad when he sees humans getting killed right in front of him, is there?”

So that’s the reason. Volsung finally understands. But, as if doubting something, he tilts his head.

“When about to be killed, he should have the resolve to kill, didn’t Dirk-sama say something like that before?”
“He’s saying that only because he was taught such. In reality, he didn’t inflict a single wound on a stupid insect until now, let alone humans.”


When looking back. He certainly didn’t Dirkhert inflicting an injury on anything.
It appears that this little Maou-sama hates hurting living things until the very end. That is not a good tendency for Maou, but Volsung unexpectedly ends up wryly smiling because he feels relieved for some reason.
Demon kings are cruel. That is their nature, but Volsung can’t help but want his little Maou to be living freely, without the shackles of the title “Maou”.
That’s Volsung’s wish and also a promise which must be fulfilled.
Dirkhert finally calmed down. He slips from Volsungs hold and trots over to Chocola and others who are protecting Lilia.
He crouches down next to the unconscious Lilia and stares at her while on tiptoes. She doesn’t seem to be injured. That is reassuring.

“Is Lia okay?”

A hand lands on Dirkhert’s shoulder while he’s worriedly looking at Lilia. Meluerina tells him with a gentle and reassuring voice she can muster.

“She’s just unconscious now. She will eventually wake up.”
“…… Okay.”

Although he replied, his voice wasn’t lively. His bad mood clearly transmitted.

“If Dirk-sama feels down, Lia-chan will be worried when she wakes up, you know?”

Therefore, cheer up please. She told him so, but as expected, the little Maou-sama stayed feeling down.
He tightly grasps a hand of the still unconscious Lilia.
Volsung, seeing Dirkhert and Lilia like that, recalls his and a certain woman’s past.
His eyes have darkened with sadness, but there wasn’t anyone who noticed.

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