Chapter 100

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When the adventurers who chased after the bandits through the tunnels arrive, everything has been already cleaned up.
The bandits were restrained, and the kidnapped Lilia was safely rescued. Dirkhert and other are also unhurt. It can be said to be a very good result.
All that’s left is to make the arrested bandits spit out the location of the remaining bandits.

“I thought what would happen because there was no information, but…… this finished sooner than I anticipated.”
“As expected of Elf-sama. How reliable.”

Only words of praise leave their mouths, however, unlike those who are rejoicing with the result, Dirkhert and others are not so happy.
No, because Dirkhert is not happy, Meluerina and Volsung are not happy as well.

“First of all, let’s return to town. We will leave the rest to you. Brother-in-law-sama, Dirk-sama, and I will take Lia-chan to Onnes in the hospital.”
“Alright, leave the rest to us.”

Thus, leaving the restrained bandits to the adventurers, Dirkhert and others got on the horse and returned to the town through the forest.
When they came, they were three, but they are four on the way back. Moreover, because one of them is unconscious, continuous support was necessary.
They advance slowly, paying the utmost care on the vibration for Lilia.
Dirkhert was worried and didn’t want to leave Lilia’s side, but Meluerina is supporting Lilia now after somehow convincing Dirkhert. The reins are held by Volsung as always.
A part of the bandits was caught, and both Onnes and Lilia are safe. It’s excellent when looking only at the results.
But, it isn’t something that good to Dirkhert and others. They acquaintance Onnes suffered a lethal wound, and his daughter Lilia who was kidnapped will surely suffer from a wound in her heart too.
All that’s left is to catch the remaining bandits without any accidents.
After slowly moving on top of the horse for about thirty minutes, they finally arrive at the entrance gate. The three present their adventurer’s proofs and convey that they were on the guild job outside the town. Of course, the gatekeeper at the gate saw them when they were departing, so it was only for the obligatory routine.

“N? Who is this Ojouchan?”
“A kidnapped child. We are on our way to her father.”
“I’m glad she’s safe. Quickly, bring her to her parents please.”

The gatekeeper says so with a smile while handing them their adventurer’s proofs.
Volsung responds with “Thanks” and Meluerina riding behind lightly bows her head.
And they head straight to the hospital where Onnes is.

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