Chapter 69

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In the early morning in the town of Lease, Dirkhert was running together with Chocola and others.
An unusual sight of three stuffed animals running behind a little child. Although it’s still so early, people are already so active. Naturally, the sight of a little running child come to their view.

“My, oh my, how lovely.”
“Which family’s son is he, hmm?”

Such words were spilled from the mouths of the women drawing the water from the well, but naturally, no one knows of Dirkhert. Therefore, they end up without getting to know.
But, seeing Meluerina dressed in the maid clothes behind Dirkhert and the three stuffed animals while walking fast and occasionally trotting after them, maintaining a fixed distance, they guess that he must be an official’s son.
Well-bred child, expensive-looking moving stuffed animals, and the maid that follows after him. No matter how you look at it, Dirkhert looks like the son of a wealthy family.
He did not know that he was seen like that. Dirkhert turns to the right, turns to the left…… he advances while twisting and turning on the road.
Just what kind of route is he running. While Meluerina was watching over him, Dirkhert suddenly stopped.
Following that, Chocola, Tart, and Pudding stop their legs, turn around and send a gaze to Meluerina.

“What happened?”

It looked to Meluerina that he was running smoothly, but has he encountered some problem?

“Haa, haa…… You see, Melu.”

Bewilderment floated in Dirkhert’s eyes who turned towards Meluerina while slightly out of breath.
Just what has happened? She readies herself for his next words.


“I’m lost!”

Such simple words were returned to her.
It appears that he ran without precisely selecting his destination, only running where his legs took him.
When Dirkhert who still doesn’t know the town well runs as he pleases, he will naturally lose his way. Moreover, since he continued to run while turning left and right, he must have lost his sense of direction. It’s easy to guess.

“…… Why were you running all over the place, turning at every turn?”
“Somehow you see~ Running in the narrow alley, was exciting and fun~ I got too absorbed.”

Unlike the dark rear alleys, the narrow alleys that are the main pivot of daily life are bright, yet there is a sense of life as well.
People preparing breakfast and people preparing to go to work. The alleys with many active people even though it’s so early in the morning certainly feel nice. It’s not strange that Dirkhert would get absorbed. Meluerina somehow understands.

“In that case, shall we return to the inn by taking a different narrow alley?”

As the sun rises, the time for people to start working gradually approaches.
The traffic will increase, and he will be able to see more various things.
Meluerina takes Dirkhert’s hand.
She slowly starts running, matching the speed of her little master, and they return to the inn.

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