Chapter 68

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Early in the morning when the sun did not finish rising yet.
Dirkhert climbs up on the bed and shakes with Volsung who sleeps next to him.

“Vol, wake up. W~a~k~e up~”
“N~…… Dirk-sama? What’s the matter?”

Volsung got up in some way or another with a big yawn and took Dirkhert who was holding Chocola and others in his arms.
He puts him on his lap while sitting on the bed and strokes his hair.

“Training! Let’s train!”
“Training…… it’s still pitch black outside, you know?”
“That side is already bright.”

Dirkhert points his finger towards the door. There is a corridor on the other side of the door, but there are rooms across the corridor, so there is no window there.
But, according to Dirkhert, he has seen the light.

“No way, did you go out alone?”
“No, I went together with Kitty and Aron-san, you know?”

Being told that, he finally notices that the cat Dirkhert was supposed to sleep with is not there anymore. Apparently, the cat was already returned to Aron.
He takes a deep breath of relief after hearing he didn’t go outside alone. Then, he grabs his head because of a sudden headache that attacks him.

“Ah~…… Did I drink a little too much as expected?”

Just three hours before Dirkhert woke him up, Volsung was drinking with the other adventurers at the bar, so he suffers from a lack of sleep and a slight hangover. But, Dirkhert who didn’t notice that relentlessly shakes with Volsung without mercy.

“Vol quickly~ Let’s go quikcly~”
“Wai, Dirk-sama, please don’t shake with……!”

Volsung somehow dealt with being woken up by Dirkhert, but as expected, he couldn’t handle getting shaken with. Just like that, he collapses on the bed.

“Ah~…… I feel sick.”

It’s not enough to throw up, but his chest can’t settle down. He’s okay motionless, but he will surely vomit during the intense training. But, the little Maou-sama wishes to train together.
Volsung is worried about what to do. Meluerina unexpectedly came to the rescue.

“Dirk-sama. Brother-in-law-sama has been exchanging information with the other adventurers until late at night, he has not slept at all. How about letting him sleep for a bit more? I will keep you company for the training.”
“…… I see, that’s bad.”

Pyokon Dirkhert jumps down from the bed, turns towards Volsung and says.

“You see, Vol. You should stop drinking alcohol? Okay?”

To those unexpected words, Volsung feebly “I’m terribly sorry……” apologizes, and Meluerina spits out without thinking.

“Dirk-sama, where did you learn such words?”
“You see, it was written in the picture book we bought yesterday.”

Stop drinking alcohol, just what kind of picture book is that…… I have to read it once. A glint flashes in Meluerina’s eyes.

“…… Nevertheless, you understood well that I was drinking.”
“Vol smells of alcoholmon.”
“…… I’m sincerely and terribly sorry.”

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