Chapter 67

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Sleeping With Cats
The noisy bar on the first floor of the inn.
The sun went completely down, and the outside is wrapped in darkness. The adventurers who returned for the night begun drinking at the bar.
At the corner of this bustling bar, Dirkhert was wrapped in a blanket with a puffed out cheeks.

“Dirk will sleep here!”
“You are not allowed to do that, let’s properly sleep in the room?”
“No~ I will sleep here with neko-sans~!”

Cat’s Tail, an inexpensive inn for adventurers, has a bed for cats in the corner of the bar. No matter how noisy or quiet it gets, cats sleep when they want to sleep and get up when they want to get up.
Also, because the cats are here in order to soothe the adventurers after a day of hard work, this corner with a cat bed is very popular.
It’s Dirkhert who wrapped himself in a blanket in the center of the cat bed.
The cats must be annoyed that someone has stolen their sleeping place…… on the contrary to their expectations, the cats unfettered sleep around Dirkhert, not being concerned about him at all.

“If Dirk-sama sleeps here, the other adventurers who come here for a meal will be making a lot of noise, right?”
“Kitties are alright with that, though?”
“Cats are okay because they can sleep even if it’s noisy. But, Dirk-sama is not able to fall asleep in noisy environments, right?”
“…… Yea.”
“…… Shall we return to the room?”

When Meluerina holds her hand out, Dirkhert uses it to get up slowly.


When Dirkhert regrettably turned around, one cat was tekoteko following after him.
Dirkhert who noticed that turned around and lifted the cat up in his arms.

“Kitty, you want to sleep together with Dirk?”

When he asks, “Nyaa” the cat lets out a meow as if answering him.

“Hey Melu, can Kitty go with us?”
“Then, shall we ask Aron-san?”

They catch Aron who was busily running all around because of the increase in customers and Dirkhert inquires if he can borrow the cat for the night.

“Oh my, how unusual for that child to get carried. It surely must like Dirk-kun, huh~ By all means, sleep together.”

To her who answered Dirkhert while properly crouching down to match his eyes even though she’s so busy, Dirkhert answers with “Thank you!”.
He energetically ran to his room while rubbing his cheek together with the cat.
The fact that Aron and other adventurers were warmly watching his little figure with smiles, Meluerina happily,

“Thank you very much.”

Muttered in a small voice and went after Dirkhert to lull him to sleep.
Her small thankful voice that did not reach anyone vanished as if melting in the noisy bar.

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