Chapter 70

Rebuilding a Kingdom with Modern Knowledge Cheat

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Dirkhert was motionlessly staring at the guild’s bulletin board.
His looking the papers posted in a higher position than his height and carefully pondering which job should he take.


Other adventurers are watching over such little child from the surroundings.
When the morning rush ended, and the guild has settled down, Dirkhert and others slowly arrived. Because of Meluerina’s “Shall we take on a job today?” words, Dirkhert is currently in the middle of selecting.
Volsung will receive the job together with you, so there’s no problem unless you choose something absurd. He can choose what he likes.
Eventually, there was a request he probably wanted to receive as he restlessly looked around and brought a nearby chair to the bulletin board.
He stood on it and tore off one of the requests.
After he brought the chair to its original place, he ran towards Meluerina and Volsung with the paper in his hands.

“This! Dirk wants to receive this!”

When they receive the request Dirkhert has selected and checked its contents,『Please find my lost cat!』was written on it.
A cat even when coming here, Volsung wanted to insert such tsukkomi, but the contents of the request were suitable for F-Rank adventurers like themselves, so he agreed.

“This is just right. This is within Brother-in-law-sama’s field of expertise, so let’s get this.”
“Ah~…… In that case, let’s accept all request for pet searching at once. Since they remained on the board until now, it means that no one wants to accept them, right?”

Saying so, Volsung tore off all of the lost pet requests from the bulletin board. There are seven requests in total.
Just how many pets have you guys lost. Volsung couldn’t help but tsukkomi in his mind.

“Two kitties~ three puppies~ Mr. Bunny and~…… Ms. Bird! So many lost children~”


Holding the requests, Dirkhert approaches the receptionist miss from yesterday.

“Vol, can’t reach, lift~”
“Yes, yes.”

When Volsung holds Dirkhert in his arms, “This, please!” he presents the requests to the receptionist miss.
She checks the request one by one, then she processes Dirkhert’s and Volsung’s Adventurer cards.

“Well then, Vol-san, Dirk-kun. You have accepted these requests. The details and the deadline are displayed on the back of your Adventurer Cards, please check them. Also, please don’t forget that all of these requests are in the form of visiting the clients first.”

Dirkhert energetically replies to the receptionist. Apparently, Dirkhert isn’t shy towards this miss. The bunny effect, you could say.

“Vol, let’s work hard!”
“Yes, I’m good at searching for animals, so let’s do our best.”

Merely three hours had passed when the two returned back to the guild.
And, at the same time, an Elf and small child surrounded by many animals were witnessed here and there on that day.
It was only a while later that the rumors spread.

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