Chapter 71

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Herb Search
The next day after receiving the lost pet requests. Dirkhert and Volsung accepted a request for picking herbs.
Because the A-Rank adventurer Meluerina can’t accompany the two F-Ranks on their request, she received a different one.

“Where are we going to look for the herbs?”
“Let’s go to the nearby river? The herbs from the request grow near water, so I think there will be many along the river.”
“Is that so? Vol knows a lot~”
“I’m an Elf, after all~”

Because the scene of the two walking while holding hands was so charming, everyone who passed by them smiled at them warmly.
The cape Dirkhert is wearing today is a bunny cape and Pudding is nestled in his arms.
Bringing all three outside of the town could indeed bring trouble, so he brought only the bunny Pudding and a matching cape this time.

“Dirk-sama, you can see the river now.”
“Really! I wonder if the herbs are there?”
“Let’s start searching from here and towards the river.”

Dirkhert lowers Pudding down and slowly walks towards the river while paying attention to the fields. Volsung walks slowly next to Dirkhert while searching in the same manner.
Pudding who was excited that it could finally walk freely is chasing after a butterfly into the fields.

“I have found one, Dirk-sama.”
“Really!? Show me, show me!”

Volsung found the herb at once, so he hands it to Dirkhert.
Dirkhert who received the herb looks from the front, looks from the bottom, sniffs the scent, watches the sun rays passing through…… he observes the herb in many ways.

“So this is a herb…… does this heal injuries?”
“This herb is used as medicine for cold. Different herbs are used for wounds and injuries.”
“There are many kinds of herbs I see, teach me next time, okay!”
“Yes, of course.”

During such, conversations, suddenly bashan! a sound of splattering water reaches the two’s ears.
When they turn to see just what made that sound, they saw Pudding who fell into the river and couldn’t move.

“Pudding! You okay!?”

Dirkhert rushed in panic and picked up Pudding from the river.
It can’t move because its body absorbed water and became heavy. It’s bloated.

“Hey Vol, save Pudding!”

Even if he asks to save Pudding, Volsung wouldn’t know what to do even if he tried.
Anyway, we should wring the water out from its body. He receives Pudding from Dirkhert and tiiiiightly wrings.

“Aaaaaaa! Vol you stupid! Stop!”
“But, Pudding has become able to move again.”

After being wrung out to a certain extent, Pudding has wriggled out of Volsung’s hands-on its own. It tiiightly wrings its ears by itself.
Since its doing it by itself, wringing it out has been the right choice.
All the water must not have been wrung out yet as its movements are sluggish. It would return to normal if wrung out a bit more, but the little master doesn’t approve of that method so there’s nothing he can do about it.
All Volsung can do now is to dry it with warm air.
He produces warm air using magic and dries Pudding.

“Let’s dry it for a bit like this.”

Dirkhert was very satisfied with that method. He said “Don’t move for a bit, okay?” to Pudding and went to look for herbs together with Volsung.
Because it’s a type of herb that grows en masse, they quickly secure enough to complete the request. But, because the guild will purchase as much as they gather, the two gather more herbs than stated on the request. But, it goes without saying that they didn’t pick everything. They left enough, so nature’s balance won’t collapse.

“Say, Vol. Do you think Pudding is already dry?”

When Dirkhert looked at Pudding after stating his question, he found out that Pudding is already completely dry and able to move the same way it could when it came here.

“Wow, I’m glad for you, Pudding!”
Saying such, he embraces Pudding, but his face subtly warped.

“Dirk-sama, what happened?”
“You see, Pudding smells bad……”

Pudding who heard that gaan as if receiving shock fall down on its knees. At this human-like reaction, Volsung unconsciously laughed out loud.

“The smell of the river got stuck on it, huh. Let’s ask Melu to wash Pudding when we return.”

After Volsung had lifted up Pudding who was down from receiving a shock, he joined up hands with Dirkhert, and they returned to the town.

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