Chapter 63

Rebuilding a Kingdom with Modern Knowledge Cheat

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Adventurer Picture
Upon successfully completing the exam, Dirkhert and others proceeded with the issuing of the Adventurer’s Card procedure.
Able to do it at the same time, crystals are placed both in front of Dirkhert and Volsung.

“Well then, we shall carry out the registration procedure now, please place your hands on the crystals.”
“This, is this the same as the one at the gate?”

Although the color is different, the shape is exactly the same. Dirkhert asks Meluerina.
Meluerina answers his question while lifting him up to the counter he can’t reach by himself.

“It’s just a bit different, this crystal collects more information than the one before.”
“Is that so~”

While saying so, Dirkhert pon places his little hand on top of the crystal. Volsung beside him does the same.
The receptionist miss fills in the necessary details while confirming.

“Let’s see, Dirk-kun’s age is five, male, the race is Half-demon, your birthplace is Austin, and occupation is Magician. Is that correct?”

Dirkhert replies “N~…… I don’t know well” to the receptionist miss’s question so Meluerina immediately “It’s okay, that’s correct” replies in his stead.
The receptionist miss nods to Meluerina’s confirmation and checks with Volsung next.

“Vol Greenwood, 347 years old, male, race is Elf, birthplace is Elven Forest, occupation is hunter, is there anything wrong?”
“No, it’s correct.”
“Incidentally, Greenwood, are you perhaps Elven royalty…….?”

The family name of the Elven royalty has been “Greenwood” for generations, it’s very famous.
Even though Elves are rare in human habitats such as this, but since he has the family name of the Elven royalty, there’s no helping it that it would make one curious.

“I have severed connections with the Elven Forest when I came out. I have nothing to do with that family name nor Elven royalty anymore.”


So, don’t worry about it, he says.
Being told that, all she could say was “Understood”. She must have judged that there are complicated circumstances. The receptionist miss didn’t inquire further.
It may have been because of the tacit understanding between adventurers.

“Well then, next, please look into this crystal in order.”
“This is?”
“It will reproduce your faces on the Adventurer’s Cards.”

With that being said, Volsung remembered that there was her picture on Meluerina’s card.

“Look into this~?”

Dirkhert curiously brings his face near the crystal.
His nose would touch the crystal anytime soon, so the receptionist miss “That’s too close” informed him while giggling.

“Dirk-sama, please get away a bit further. A little bit more…… Right, that’s enough.”

After several seconds of staring at the crystal, with the receptionist miss’s words “Alright, that’s enough”, he separated his face from it.
Following after, Volsung looks into the crystal the same way.

“Thank you very much. This is the end of the process of issuing the Adventurer’s Card. All sort of explanations is next, but……”
“I will do the explanations myself. Rather than that, I would like to take a picture of my face for the Adventurer’s face again, could I ask you? As expected, the picture from five years ago is embarrassing……”
“Understood. Then, I will need to collect your Adventurer’s Card. Please look into the crystal.”

And then, after a while has passed.
The three safely received their respective Adventurer’s Cards.

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