Chapter 62

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The examination at the training grounds is simple.
They were told to attack straw doll. The person in charge of the examination is the Chief of the Lease Adventurer’s Guild, Isaru.
After Dirkhert was robbed of the wooden carving of bunny, he started crying after noticing the adventurers looking at him as Meluerina and Volsung feared.
Dirkhert has calmed down as there were no people in the training grounds, but he’s not in a state he can take the examination in.
Because of that, Volsung takes the examination first.
Volsung takes aim with his prided bow and releases five arrows consecutively.
The arrows precisely struck the straw doll’s head, heart, hands, and feet, making Isaru groan.

“As expected of an Elf indeed……”

Despite the fact that arrows were released one after another soon after taking the aim, they all shot through the places that can be called vital.
But, Volsung’s attack didn’t finish with that.
After he finishes he pachin snaps with his fingers and the straw doll gets cut to pieces by multiple wind blades.
All that remained from the straw doll is…… a pile of straw.

“A chantless wind magic of such power……!”

Isaru who witnessed such ability informed Volsung of his passing without complaints. He then directed his eyes towards the next, in a meaning sure kill applicant Dirkhert, but……

“Ah, Dirk-sama! You can’t play tricks on the straw doll!”
“But, I feel sorry for the straw doll-san for not having a facemon. Dirk will draw him a face!”

After seeing such an exchange between the little child and the maid, he looked towards the straw doll to see what kind of mischief he has done……


All ten or more straw dolls on the training ground had happy smiling faces drawn on their heads.
Just several seconds passed since Volsung’s examination finished. Are you saying that the child who was grumbling until now has drawn faces on all of them in such a short time? Moreover, no matter how you look at it, their facial expressions are accurately made with precise burn marks.
Such many straw dolls with such accurate facial expressions, just what kind of magic did he use? Isaru crouches down to Dirkhert and inquires.

“Can you tell me how did you draw their faces?”

Isaru asked as gently as possible, not wanting to startle Dirkhert, but. Dirkhert’s shoulders jolted, and he quickly hid behind Meluerina.


“Dirk-sama, this person is the Adventurer’s Guild most important person. You won’t be able to become an adventurer if you don’t show him your ability, you know?”
“…… What should I do?”

Since he was asked to draw the face again, Meluerina judged that he should reproduce it once more, so she confirmed with Isaru. Isaru answered by nodding, took a little distance from the two and watched.
He has judged that Dirkhert won’t be able to perform if he’s too close.

“How about drawing flowers on the star dolls’ bodies? It must be lonely without anything.”

Dirkhert draws several magic circles in the air and then moves them in front of the straw dolls. Then, he moves his finger round and round.

“It’s flower clothes~ I will draw butterfly-sans next~”

Dirkhert adjusts the movement of his finger, a little flame spurts out of the magic circle, and it burns the straw doll’s bodies little by little. The magic circles in the other positions do exactly the same as if they were all linked together.

“This is……!?”

Isaru can only get surprised by the power of Dirkhert’s magic.
The magic itself he uses is standard magic called life magic, but being able to control more than ten of them at once with such accuracy takes more than a little skill.
Moreover, Dirkhert does all of it without chanting. Even a skilled magician would find it difficult to do that without a chant.
That’s not something a five-year-old can do so simply…… or it should not be. The child in front of his eyes does it so easily.

“This child, just what is he……?”
“Magic you see, is Dirk’s speciality.”

The straw doll-sans became lovely, don’t you think so, The little magician asks him.
Although bewildered, Isaru informs them that Dirkhert has passed.

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