Chapter 61

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Adventurer Registration
Volsung goes through the adventurer registration while receiving gazes of others.

“Is Elf-sama registering alone?”

She has asked in case that Meluerina who accompanies him is also going to register, but his answer was rather unexpected.

“No, it’s me and Dirk-sama.”

Dirk-sama. The receptionist miss thought about the name for a moment.
The child has been calling the maid “Melu” since a while ago, and “Dirkhert” is not a female name so. In other words……

“Eh, are you registering that small child!?”

The age does not matter for adventurer registration. However, being an adventurer is very dangerous work. Everyone knows that it’s impossible to register if one does not have a certain level of ability.
Volsung being an Elf, there no questioning his ability. But, when it comes to the registration of the five years old Dirkhert, it’s a different story. No matter how you look at him, he doesn’t seem like someone with enough ability to become an adventurer.

“It’s all right. Dirk-sama’s skill in magic is above mine. I guarantee it.”

Meluerina shows her Adventurer’s Card while saying so.

“A golden adventurer’s Card…… A-Rank adventurer!? Huh, the name’s Melu, eh, are you perhaps that ‘Red Wind Melu’!? I heard you disappeared five years ago……!”

The receptionist miss’s words made the guild get noisy.
Meluerina who was active mainly in the capital city Houtstad is famous among adventurers. Her name is so famous that no guild staff doesn’t know about her.


“To think that you would get married to an Elf-sama and even have a child……! As expected of the Red Wind Melu, to marry an Elf which is said to be the God’s messenger, how amazing!”

You have been taking care of the child the last five years, huh. An outrageous misunderstanding.
That reminds me, something similar has happened in the Hulc village. They finally understood how quickly the surroundings could misunderstand.

“A marriage with Brother-in-law-sama, impossible.”
“A marriage with Sister-in-law, stop joking please.”

The two bluntly state to the receptionist miss with sparkling eyes.

“Eh, Brother-in……? Sister……? You two are relatives……? Then, that small child is……”
“Master Brother-in-law and I serve.”
“Dirk you see, is called Dirk, you know, Melu and Vol you see, they always take care of me.”

Dirkhert introduces himself while securely holding the wooden carving of the bunny in his hands.
The receptionist lady who jumped to a wrong conclusion hangs her head in shame, and she places her hands on her cheeks trying to hide her face that became red from embarrassment.

“Is that so? What did I…… I’m terribly sorry.”
“No, you made us realize how surroundings sees us, thank you.”

In the Hulc village, in the Guild, it looks like no matter where they go, they seem like a family.
However, I never realized they would associate a maid, Elf, and a child as a family. Meluerina and Volsung can only smile wryly. The two thought they surely look like two attendants to a master.

“Umm, then……”

According to the apologetic receptionist miss, it’s necessary to look at one’s capability before the registration can be concluded.
Acknowledging that, they are guided by the receptionist lady to the Guild’s training grounds.
Of course, the wooden carving of the bunny Dirkhert held was returned to its original place.

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