Chapter 64

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After successfully securing the Adventurer’s Card, Dirkhert and other dropped at a certain place on their way to the inn.
They were currently at the bookstore.
In addition to the paper being somewhat a luxury, in this world without letterpress technology everything is handwritten, so the unit price of the book is very high.
When Dirkhert discovered the bookstore he went into it without hesitation and started to look at the back cover of the books.

“There are so many books I have not read yet……!”

He loiters around the inside of the store, and eventually crouches down in one place and starts gazing at the books in the bookshelves.

“Have you found a book you want?”
“Umm you see~ This, this, this…… ah, also that! I want this one too!”

While saying so, Dirkhert presents Meluerina a lot of picture books.

“Up to two copies.”
“Two copies, huh……”

Because he can’t take all the books in the store for free to read as he’s allowed in the Maou Castle, two books are the limit he can get.
After a while of examining the picture books, Dirkhert picks one title in his hands. And then, tetete when they started thinking that he run off somewhere, he returned with another thick book in his hands.

“I want these two~”

Meluerina receives the two books Dirkhert presented her. Just what books did you choose…… Volsung peeks at the books from behind Meluerina. The first copy is a book with a very childlike title, “Great Adventures of Kuma Bear”. He really likes bears after all. Volsung then looked at the second book thinking it would be another picture book either about cats or bunnies.

“‘Regarding the firepower and temperatures of Fire Magic, and the close relationship between magical power and airborne matter contained in the air’ huh…… a magic thesis……? Eh, Dirk-sama, you are going to read that? Rather, you can understand it?”

No matter how you look at it, it’s not something a five years old child should read. Besides, I was certain a picture book similar to the bear’s great adventurers would come. Volsung unconsciously starts doubting his eyes.

“You see~ The viewpoint of the author of this thesis is different from other people, it’s so different it’s fun~”

He apparently properly understands it. Moreover, it seems he read other books by this author as well.

“This book wasn’t back at the castle~!”
“I, is that so……”

To think he could properly understand such difficult thesis.
Does it mean he rapidly absorbs anything regarding magic?
Meluerina must have known. She has purchased the books with no particular concern, but that wasn’t the case for Volsung.
Towards Dirkhert’s magical power, the amount of knowledge about magic and thirst for the knowledge that would leave adults embarrassed, Volsung could be only surprised.

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