Chapter 65

Rebuilding a Kingdom with Modern Knowledge Cheat

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After leaving the bookstore and walking towards the inn, Dirkhert tetete suddenly started running towards one store.
There were many flowers displayed in front of the store in buckets, it was the florist.
But, Dirkhert has never seen a florist before so he doesn’t know what this store is.

“Melu, this store has a lot of flowers! What kind of store is this?”

He looks at the flowers at the storefront with immense curiosity, and when he sees the flowers inside the store, his eyes start sparkling.

“Dirk-sama, this store is called the florist.”
“Yes. It’s a store where various flowers are sold.”
“Hoaaaaa……! Florist……!”

The gardener planted various flowers in the castle, but the florist has many flowers Dirkhert has never seen before. There’s no way so many flowers wouldn’t draw the interest of the flower lover little Maou-sama.

“Each and every flower is cute.”

Dirkhert who muttered while gazing at the flowers in the buckets looked truly adorable.
Dirk-sama is way cuter than flowers……! Meluerina and Volsung shout in their hearts. Doting parents are going strong.

“Shall we decorate our room in the inn with a flower?”


To Volsung’s proposal, Dirkhert “Really!?” asks, and before hearing the reply, he ran inside to store to choose a flower.

“It may be good to come buy a flower to decorate the room once every several days, huh.”
“Right. Dirk-sama will be happy, and he will also be able to study more about flowers.”

If asked whether knowledge about flowers is necessary to Maou, the two would most likely answer “Not necessary”. In the end, “studying about flowers” is just an excuse to spoil the little Maou-sama.
Eventually, Dirkhert tetete came running with a flower in his hands.

“Melu, Vol! Dirk wants this flower!”

The flower Dirkhert showed them is a bunch of small, white Baby’s-breaths. It’s a bunch of flowers in supporting role, complementing the other flower.
However, it seems that the little Maou-sama likes the smallish, lovely bunch of flowers.

“This flower is called Baby’s breath.”
“Baby’s breath…… so cute.”
“Well then, shall we buy it?”

Dirkhert presents the flower to the florist Obasan, “This please!” and gives her money.
Although it was just a simple Baby’s breath, when the florist Obasan attached a lovely ribbon to it, he said “Thank you”.
And then he tetete rushed out to the storefront where the two were waiting for him, and the three went on their way to the inn.

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