Chapter 46

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“Say, Melu. What is an adventurer?”

After Lilia and Onnes left. Dirkhert who didn’t have anything to do asked such a question.
Which reminds me, I had used it to calm down people during the monster extermination Meluerina recalls. Meluerina feels that she has to explain properly and starts talking.

“Adventurers are people who make a living by receiving requests put on by the town or village people. There are various requests such as running errands and the subjugation of monsters.”
“Melu is one of those adventurers?”
“Yes, I’m registered as an adventurer.”

Saying that, she takes out a card and hands it to Dirkhert who fixedly stares at it.
There was Meluerina’s face on the left side of the card, and on the right side of the card was her name, date of birth, age, sex, race, birthplace, and occupation. There’s a swordsman in the occupation column.

“…… Melu’s has short hair in this picture.”
“It was short five years ago. I have started to grow them when Dirk-sama was born.”

Dirkhert returns the card to Meluerina and asks again.

“The villagers called Melu “Red Wind,” but what is this ‘Red Wind?'”
“The meaning of…… Red Wind, is it?”

Even if it’s a nickname human selfishly attached to her, she is perplexed how to answer. Although the nickname itself is quite embarrassing, explaining its origin is reaching the limits of bashfulness.
However, it’s meaning is not good in regards to Dirkhert’s education.
What to do?….. Volsung answers that question instead of Meluerina who is troubled.

“Melu is called like that because when she passes by, the blood of enemies dances like wind, therefore ‘Red Wind’ Melu.”
“Blood, like wind……?”

Even if he tries to imagine it, he probably doesn’t understand. Dirkhert only tilted his head at the beginning, but his whole body was steadily leaning at one side.

“N~……? I don’t understand well.”

Dirkhert gave up thinking about it when his body leaned so much he could fall at any moment.

“It basically means that Melu is an incredible adventurer.”
“I see~! As expected of Melu!”

In Dirkhert’s mind, Meluerina has the position of an incredible guardian who can do anything. It’s a matter of course that this incredible guardian he’s so proud of is also an incredible adventurer.

“Dirk too! Dirk also wants to become an incredible adventurer, like Melu!”

Adventurers who boys often admire. It seems that Dirk also follows that trend as he started to admire the occupation that is an adventurer. But then, it’s not known whether he understands what an adventurer really is.
He may be interested because of his beloved guardian Meluerina.

“Then, let’s go together to register you as an adventurer when we arrive at Lease.”
“Really!? Yay~!”

Volsung doesn’t qualify as an adventurer. Therefore, he thought about registering during this travel. Age is unrelated when it comes to adventurers. If Dirkhert wants to become one, they just should do the formalities together.
Because an A-Rank adventurer Meluerina is with them, they won’t be refused unless because of some extreme circumstances.

“I’m looking forward to the next town~!”

The two spent the quiet afternoon in the village while looking at the little Maou-sama pyokopyoko jumping up and down.

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