Chapter 45

Rebuilding a Kingdom with Modern Knowledge Cheat

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“I see, if you were a peddler then I’m convinced.”

After lunch, the three adults were talking over tea while watching the children who have begun playing with the stuffed animals.
When Volsung asks about the “Because of me, my daughter doesn’t have anyone she could call friend” words he heard before lunch, Lilia’s father says that he took her along when peddling.
Because they didn’t stay in one place for long, Lilia doesn’t have any intimate friends.

“How long do you plan on staying in this village?”
“I’m thinking about leaving for the town of Lease tomorrow.”
“Then, Lia’s father…… umm.”

Volsung finally notices that they haven’t introduced themselves yet.

“Ah, I apologize. I’m called Onnes.”
“My name is Vol.”
“I’m taking care of Dirk-sama, Melu is my name.”

The three introduce themselves and continue the conversation.

“Leaving towards Lease tomorrow means that you are going by the carriage?”
“No, my daughter and I are going on foot. It’s embarrassing, but we don’t have financial surplus……”

Hearing those words, Meluerina notices. This parent and child pair don’t lodge in the only Inn in the village. Far from financial surplus, they don’t even have enough money to stay at the Inn.
But, looking at Lilia and Onnes, this parent and child don’t look like they lack money.

“By the way, I haven’t seen you at the Inn before, where are you staying at?”
“We are always under the village chief’s care when coming to this village. In return, I sell flavoring and spices at lower prices to the villagers.”
“I see, so that was it.”

They were certain that these two staying in the stables or outdoor, but that wasn’t the case.
This little village have no means to produce the flavorings and spices, so they have no choice, but to purchase them from outside. In small villages such as this Hulc, the peddlers who come surely increase the prices. But, in Onnes’ case, he borrows a room in the village chief’s house for lowering his prices. Considering that, Onnes must be a precious peddler to this small village.


“Hey, hey, Lia’s Otousan.”

While the three were talking, Dirkhert who was supposed to be playing with Lilia suddenly addresses Onnes.

“Oh my, what’s the matter?”
“You see, Lia fell asleep.”

Looking at the place where the two were playing at, Lilia had her face on the table and slept.
It’s about an hour after lunch. It’s nap time for normal children. Lilia couldn’t win over the drowsiness.

“Because she has been in high spirits since yesterday, she must have gotten pretty tired.”

Onnes lifts up the sleeping Lilia, “We shall take our leave here” and turns towards the door.

“Lia, Lia’s Otousan, bye-bye~”

Onnes waved back at Dirkhert who was vigorously waving his hand and left the Inn.

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