Chapter 42

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Dirkhert and Lilia sit on the ground in front of the Inn and start playing.

“You see, Lia also brought a friend along today.”

Saying that, Lilia shows Dirkhert her favorite stuffed animal.

“Wow, Lia’s Bunny is wearing clothes! So cute.”
“You see, I have a lot of clothes she can change into.”
“Fuaaaaa, that’s amazing, she can change clothes! How nice……”
“Lia thinks that Chocola and others who can move are nice……”

Lilia’s stuffed bunny is about the same size as Chocola and others. That figure wearing a pure white dress has a very neat and clean image.
Interested in the clothes, Chocola and others approach Lilia’s bunny and touch its clothes. And then, after feeling the clothes, they turn towards Dirkhert and start pikopiko moving their hands.

“Chocola and others also want clothes?”

To that question, the three nod in affirmation.

“Hmm, but it may become difficult to move?”

They can move smoothly because they aren’t wearing any clothes, wearing clothes may hinder their movements. There’s no problem while just ordinarily living, but if they would have to fight during the travels, it may become disadvantageous for them.

“Do you want to try on the clothes Lia has?”

When Lia asks whether they want to try wearing the clothes she has, Chocola, Tart, and Pudding start happily pyokopyoko jumping around.

“Lia, thank you.”
“It’s okay. Because Lia also wanted to dress up Chocola and others.”
“Have you brought the clothes with you?”
“No, they are at papa’s place.”
“Dirk can’t get too far from the Inn.”
“Then, Lia will go to bring it.”

Wait a moment, okay? Dirkhert sees Lia ran off, then he turns at Chocola, Tart, and Pudding.

“Clothes, I’m looking forward to it~”

Chocola, Tart, and Pudding must be excited too. They have been pyokopyoko and guruguru since a while ago.
A few minutes later, Lilia has returned with more than ten stuffed animal clothes.
Dirkhert and Lilia moved to the grassy ground next to the inn and started dressing up the Chocola, Tart, and Pudding.

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