Chapter 43

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Animal User
When Volsung walked out from the Inn to see the state of his little master, he saw two children dressing up stuffed animals.
If it’s changing clothes, you could do that inside the Inn…… As he was watching, not only were they dressing them, they even decorated them with flowers.
I see, this is something that couldn’t be done outside. He observes and admires the two playing children.
Not only the things the two children possess but also the surroundings became splendid “playthings.”

“It’s a flower crown. With this, Tart-chan is a princess.”
“I will give a flower bracelet to Lia’s Lala-chan okay? Like this, she’s a Flower Fairy.”

Volsung observes this scene while feeling peaceful. Even though our Maou-sama is a boy, he doesn’t play boyish games that much. Although already too late, his worries slightly increased.
The boys of Dirkhert’s age would normally would be chasing each other or play adventurers, they would be a little more mischevious. At the very least, they probably wouldn’t be dressing up stuffed animals. Much less, saying words like “Flower Fairy” would be unlikely.

“It’s nice he grew up to be kind, but…… the method of bringing him up was definitely wrong.”

As a man himself, Volsung would like him to play more boyish games, he wants him to be more mischevious…… he’s having such thoughts.

“…… N?”

While the two were happily playing, Dirkhert’s hands suddenly came to a stop. His line of sight got fixed in one place, he stops moving. When Lilia asks what’s going on and looks towards the direction Dirkhert was looking at, a smile floats on her face.
When Volsung also shifts his gaze in that direction, a single cat enters his view.
Probably basking in the sun, the cat was rolling in a place where the sun shined.
The two put down the stuffed animals, and tetete draw near the cat. But, the cat who noticed that rose up and became wary, preparing to run away at any moment.

“Mr. Cat, can we touch you?”

When Dirkhert asks, the cat responds with the usual vigilance. He probably judged it as『No』. Dirkhert gave up on touching the cat, crouched down and stared at the cat from a distance. Lilia copying that, crouched down to Dirkhert and stared at the cat too.

“Mr. Cat is so cute, isn’t he?”
“But, it’s cautious. Even though Lia and others aren’t dangerous.”

The two staring children itching to pet the cat is truly amusing, but the cat is actually quite pitiful. It’s vigilant, frozen in place.
After giving a wry smile, Volsung pii~…… whistles on his fingers.
Thereupon, the cat who was vigilant up until now slowly walks towards Volsung and rubs itself on his legs. Not only that, several small birds land on his head and shoulders, and even chicken, goats, and dogs from the neighborhood gather around him.
In the forest, animals such as rabbits and fawns would appear, but this is the full repertoire of animals around the village like this.

“Fuaaaa, Vol you are so amazing! You have gathered animals!”

Even when Dirkhert and Lilia tetete rush over to Volsung, the animals don’t escape. Volsung lifts up the cat at his feet and hands it over to Dirkhert.

“I’m an elf, so I am able to do this much.”

He puts the little birds that were sitting on his head and shoulders to Lilia’s shoulders and strokes her little head.

“Mr. Cat is so fluffy~!”
“The birds are also are staying…… so cool……”

Although he’s a demon now, he was originally an elf loved by the forest. Gathering animals is nothing hard for him. It’s even easier when it comes to animals accustomed to humans.
Chocola, Tart, and Pudding collect the clothes, and Lia’s bunny and tetete follow after Dirkhert and Lia who went to play with animals.
Posu, the three put the bunny and the clothes down, and start playing with Dirkhert Lilia and the animals.
Two little children, a lot of animals, and three moving stuffed animals with a young elf in the center, was very gentle, warm, and magical spectacle.
Although the village women who have not go to work in the fields were watching them with warm smiles, they did not notice.

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