Chapter 41

Rebuilding a Kingdom with Modern Knowledge Cheat

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Stark Naked
After Dirkhert was selfishly talking about wanting to take a bath, a little guest came to the inn to visit Dirkhert.

“Oh my, Lia-chan. What’s the matter?”
“Obasan you see, Dirk-kun, is he in?”
“Yes, young master is taking now a bath.”

Did this inn have a bath? When Lilia ponders and looks around, Volsung who heard the exchange of the two stood up.

“It’s already almost an hour since he went in, I will call him out.”

After saying that and opening the inn’s door which leads to the courtyard, there, his clinging little master and Meluerina who tried to get him out were visible.

“Noo~! I want to bath more~!”
“You will bloat if you stay in the bath for so long! The bath time is over!”

There is a fierce battle of the extent that water scatters around. Volsung approaches with a stiff smile and informs Dirkhert who is putting on a great resistance.

“Dirk-sama, Lia-chan came to play.”

Being told so suddenly, Dirkhert who was desperately resisting couldn’t understand Volsung’s words.
Volsung slowly repeated his words once again.
Dirkhert jumps out of the basin himself and runs start naked, without even wiping his body inside the inn.

“Lia!? You came to play!?”
“Dirk-kun! …… Your clothes?”


While Lia is not at the age she feels embarrassed by the nude body of opposite sex yet, Dirkhert is not at the age of being embarrassed by being seen too. Hence, both of them didn’t mind, but as expected, Lia found it strange that Dirkhert wasn’t wearing any clothes.

“Dirk-sama, please don’t run around naked! Look, you have to wipe your body and wear clothes before playing!”

Meluerina who chased after him in a rush wipes off his body. Volsung with Dirkhert’s clothes prepared in his hands arrived slightly later.
Meluerina receives the clothes from Volsung and dresses Dirkhert just like that. In the meantime, Volsung returned to their room and called Chocola, Tart, and Pudding out.
Anyhow, since they are going to play, they will want three animals to accompany them. It will save time to let them out now.
Dirkhert who finished dressing ran towards Lia while saying “Thanks for the wait”. The three animals walk out of the room and walk to Dirkhert’s side.

“You see, Dirk-kun, want to go play out together?”

To this invitation, Dirkhert directed his gaze towards his two guardians.
May I go play out? May I? To his eyes who are appealing with full power, the two couldn’t say “NO”.

“Do not go too far, you have to stay around the inn.”

With a distance like that, they can watch over them, and immediately rush to help if something happens.

“Yay! Lia, let’s play in front of the inn!”

After receiving permission from Meluerina, Dirkhert took Lia’s hand.
And cheerfully ran outside.

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