Chapter 40

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Basin Bath
“Hey, Melu. I want to take a bath.”

Morning on the second day of the extracurricular lesson. After finishing eating the breakfast and taking a breath here and there, the little Maou-sama suddenly stated.
Even if he says that he wants to take a bath. This small village doesn’t have baths. Therefore……

“There are no baths in this village.”

When she honestly tells him, the little Maou-sama received a great shock. He stiffened in place and didn’t move for a while.
After his consciousness finally returns, he says in a bewildered voice while his hands loiter around.

“W, why…… don’t they have baths……? I mean, it’s a bath, you know……? There is no…… bath?”

He doesn’t believe it. Dirkhert keeps repeating『No bath?』over and over again. The people of this village clean themselves with wet towels or they bath in the river. Something like a bath is too luxurious.

“Dirk wants to enter a bath?”
“There’s none.”
“…… Bath.”
“There is no bath.”

No matter how many times he says he wants to enter a bath, it can’t be helped since there are none. The little Maou-sama is on the brink of crying, but there’s nothing she can’t do about it.

“Fu, fueeeeee……”

He looked like he would start crying, and he really did.
Meluerina wants to do something about it, but there’s nothing she can do.
Besides, they always keep spoiling him. It’s better to harden his heart once in a while. With such thoughts, she intended to be slightly stricter, but.

“I want to take a baaaaaaath.”

Seeing the little Maou-sama acting violently on top of the bed, Meluerina was at wits’ end. Because Dirkhert didn’t act so selfishly before, she doesn’t know how to deal with it.

“Dirk-sama, there’s nothing I can do about it even if you act selfishly.”
“Nooooo! I’m going to take a bath~!”

Was his violent act affecting even the lower floor? Soon, Tonton there’s knocking on the door, and Tris enters inside.

“It seems to be quite noisy here…… is everything alright?”
“I’m sorry, Dirk-sama is insisting on taking a bath……”
“A bath, is it……”

Indeed, a bath in such a village would be extravagance…… A wry smile flows on Tris’s face, but. She thought of something, said “Please, wait a moment” and left.
She returned after around five minutes and stealthily whispered to Meluerina.

“I have prepared a big basin I use for laundry in the backyard, please use it instead of bath.”

It should be big enough for the little young master. Hearing that, Meluerina could only say words of gratitude.

“Dirk-sama, Tris-san has prepared a basin bath for you.”

Being told so, Dirkhert suddenly stopped moving and quickly raised from the bed.

“I can enter a bath……?”
“Yes, you can. Please properly thank Tris-san who has prepared it for you.”
“Tris-san, thanks for the bath!”

After Dirkhert gave proper thanks, he began preparing for the bath.
It goes without saying that Dirkhert showed an expression of satisfaction after stepping in the bath.

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