Chapter 22

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First Time Outside
The extracurricular class begins today. The three arrived at the human country with transfer magic before the noon.
In a moment, the three’s scenery of a miasma covered castle was switched to clear skies with no miasma at all.
Dirkhert looks around the surroundings with his eyes open wide.
A blue sky spreading infinitely, a meadow extending far beyond the horizon in front of him, a big forest spreading behind. And, from that forest, a single road traversing the meadow.

“This is, outside of the castle……”

Saa…… the blowing wind gently brushes Dirkhert’s cheeks.
Dirkhert tightly holds Chocola in his arms and timidly steps forward.
Saku. The sense of stepping on the grass should be the same as on the lawn in the castle, but it’s somehow different. One step, two steps he slowly advances again.
Saku, saku, sakuri.
He advances by few steps. A grasshopper bounces in front of his feet.
That is a creature he didn’t see in the castle before. Dirkhert turns his gaze from his feet to the spreading meadow before him once again.

“Maou-sama, how is it being outside for the first time?”

Meluerina asks while crouching down and patting Dirkhert’s shoulder.


Potsuri. While muttering so, he instantly turns towards Meluerina.

“Outside is amazing! So spacious, with lots of green, and lots of insects!”

He starts running around the meadow than jumps and falls right into the grass.


Ignoring Meluerina’s worries, he rolls in the grass several times, then he suddenly stops. He embraces Chocola tighter and tighter.

“Chocola it’s amazing, the sky is so big…… the wind, also feels good.”

To the breeze softly moving the grass which makes comfortable sounds. Dirkhert closes his eyes.
Volsung walks over to Dirkhert and lies beside him.

“…… Vol?”
“I also often laid like this in the open fields in the past.”

Volsung’s past, how long in the past is he talking about is unknown. But, plants do not grow like this in the vicinity of the castle because of the miasma. Plants can be raised in the Maou Castle with special powers, but it’s not to the extent of humans.
Seeing Dirkhert with his eyes closed, Volsung also closes is eyes. Ears, skin, smell. He thoroughly enjoys natural flavor different from the castle.

“…… Vol, why are you laying down too?”

We won’t be able to arrive at our destination if you keep this up. Meluerina grasps Volsung’s face with her right hand and lifts him up.

“Hey, that hurts, it hurts! I understand, I understand so stay your hand!”

Volsung crouches down and holds his aching face after being released.
Dirkhert who sees that rises in panic and looks at Volsung’s face worriedly.

“Vol, are you okay? Does it hurt?”
“Ah~…… it’s okay, I have already recovered.”
“Is that so, that’s good~”

Truthfully, it still hurts, but I can not let the little Maou-sama worry anymore. Volsung takes Chocola while enduring the pain and presents his right hand.

“Now then, let’s go.”

Before one is aware, Meluerina already stands on his right side while presenting her hand.
Dirkhert holding the two’s hands goes towards the human country with his heart throbbing rapidly.

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