Chapter 21

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Extracurricular Lesson
On that day, after finishing the training as usual, a little while until the dinner. Normally, Dirkhert would have time to play freely, but today is a little different.
In the room where he usually studies, Meluerina and Volsung sit with Dirkhert around the table.

“Maou-sama, we have to talk to you about something very important today.”

At the sight of Meluerina and Volsung who displayed slightly unusual serious expressions, Dirkhert’s body stiffens.

“Something important……?”

Did he do something wrong? Will he get scolded? Dirkhert listens expecting something like that to happen.
But, the words that were returned to him were unexpected.

“Today, studying in the castle comes to an end.”
“The end? There won’t be study nor training tomorrow?”
“There will be a bit different method of studying from tomorrow…… It’s an extracurricular lesson.”
“Extracurricular, lesson……?”

Dirkhert tilts his head at the words he didn’t hear before.

“It means to study outside the castle throughout the day.”

Dirkhert finally understood after Volsung explained. He opens his eyes wide.

“To go outside of the castle…… Can I?”

Dirkhert couldn’t go outside of the castle before because they told him it’s dangerous, yet he can go now? Moreover, it’s been throughout the day.

“However, you won’t be able to come back to this castle for a while..”
“Eh? Is Dirk being driven out……?”

The little Maou-sama interpreted Meluerina’s words as if he’s being driven out of the castle. As if his moment of delight never happened, Dirk’s eyes fill with tears.
Seeing Dirkhert like that Meluerina adds in a hurry.

“That’s not it, that’s not it, of course, Volsung and I are also going. We three will study in the country of humans for a while.”
“Human…… country……”

Dirkhert rubs his hands against his eyes, wiping the tears off. Understanding that he is not being driven out, his tears stopped flowing because of the relief.

“Umm, then, we will live in a human country for a while?”
“That is so. We will learn in the country of humans and learn about non-demon tribes and their lives.”

Dirkhert suddenly starts fidgeting at Volsung’s fun-sounding words.
He’s looking forward to living somewhere else besides the enclosed space of the castle. Furthermore, the destination is the country of humans he has only heard from books. It’s no wonder he’s fidgeting.

“Whoa~ whoa~ That sounds so fun!”

Seeing Dirkhert who pyokopyoko jumps around the room happily, a smile floats on Meluerina’s and Volsung’s faces. But……
He’s in high spirits now, but what will happen when the little Maou-sama who suffers from severe shyness goes out?
It goes without saying that in contrast to their facial expressions, their hearts are anxious.

Is it too early, the two asks themselves that uneasy question.
Thus, the little Maou-sama Dirkhert began his extracurricular lesson.

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