Chapter 23

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After about an hour of walking on the vast, vast meadow. A village was finally visible in the distance.
But, Dirkhert and Volsung haven’t noticed that yet.

“Vol, it’s another insect-san I don’t recognize. What is this child called?”
“This is a Seven-spotted ladybug.”
“Seven-spotted ladybug?”
“That’s right. Look, there are seven black spots on its back, right? Therefore, Seven-spotted.”
“It’s true~ Ah, it flew away…… Ladybug-san bye bye~”

After he waves his hand to the Ladybug who flew way, Dirkhert rushes around and around again as soon as possible.
While walking through the meadow, Dirkhert would run off and bring back something he discovered to Volsung and this repeated over and over again.
Things such as flowers and insects were pretty, but when he was catching lizards or snakes, as expected even Volsung was sent to panic.

“Maou-sama, the village which is our destination is already in our sight, let’s make preparations.”

Meluerina walks towards Dirkhert who is crouching in the grass trying to catch something again. She wipes his hands with a towel and tightly grasps them.

“Listen well. If the humans became aware that Maou-sama is Maou, Maou-sama wouldn’t be able to stay in human country no more.”
“………… Eh? Why?”
“Maou is an existence that is very frightening to humans. Because of that, if humans realize that Maou-sama is Maou, you will be driven out.”
“Then, Dirk won’t be able to stay in human country?”
“Therefore, let’s make preparations, so something like that won’t happen.”

Meluerina begins to chant some incantation. Then, something appears on the back of Dirkhert’s hand. But, it immediately disappears and his return returns to normal.

“What was that?”
“I have changed Maou-sama’s race status information to Half-Demon.”
“From now on, when entering a human town or kingdom, your name, race and birthplace have to be examined. Maou-sama would be driven out if Maou-sama got exposed as Maou as I explained earlier. Therefore, it’s necessary to falsify the status.”
“Is that so.”

Status overwriting is a necessary minimum of the magic of the Meluerina’s Rozes family.

“I will be half Demon just as Dirk-sama and Brother-in-law will be an elf.”
“Hello, hello, I’m an elf Vol-kun. Please treat me well, Dirk-sama.”

Dirkhert makes a bewildered expression at the unusual name they called him with. But, why a name change? Because of Meluerina words from a little while ago, he understood immediately.

“I see, Maou-sama is no good…… but, I’m glad you call me by name!”

Dirkhert turns towards the village and starts running, but he suddenly stops and turns around.

“Melu, Vol, treat me well okay!”

After saying that, the little Maou-sama happily turned towards the village again.
He will soon meet a human for the first time.
Thy shy Maou. Just what will happen…… Meluerina and Volsung exchange glances.
And they slowly follow after the running Maou-sama.

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