Chapter 107

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Purchasing Horses
After successfully purchasing a carriage, they went to purchase horses this time.
Dozens of horse heads stick out from the stables, and each and every one of them looks fine.

“Hee, you have quite splendid horses here.”

Volsung tells the owner while patting the head of the nearest horse.

“Thank you very much. I’m really grateful to receive such words from Elf-sama……!”

After wryly smiling at the owner who’s getting excessively grateful, Volsung and Meluerina started choosing the horses.
One horse would be sufficient for the carriage of that size, but they intend to buy two for the sake of emergency.
Dirkhert also loiters around the stables together with Chocola.

“All Horses are so cool, right? Chocola.”

Chocola answers Dirkhert by pikopiko nodding its head.

“Horses, we are buying two they said. I wonder what children will we choose?”

Dirkhert was patting the nearby horse’s head when the horse suddenly started licking his face. He tried the catch the horse’s head, but was defeated by its power and rolled down. And then, the horse attack continued for a while.


Dirkhert who somehow managed to escape the horse’s face attack has his whole body covered by horse saliva and soil.

“Mr. Horse, why did you attack my face……”

While removing the dirt from his clothes, Meluerina who noticed that Dirkhert suddenly became all dirty rushed up to him.

“Dirk-sama, this dirt…… have you been playing with Horse-san again?”
“It’s different, it doon crashed into me while I was patting it, after that, it licked, rubbed and rolled……”

He was not playing, but he was played with, huh. A wry smile floats on Meluerina’s face while wiping Dirkhert’s dirty face.
After being mostly wiped, Volsung approached the two with two horses.

“Oi, are these two horses alright?”

A pure white horse and pitch-black horse. The two horses with completely opposite colors were splendid at first glance.

“I have chosen them based on power, stamina, leg strength and personality, but we can change them if you like different horses.”
“No, they are a safe bet if Brother-in-law-sama was the one choosing them. Let’s go with those two.”
“Wow, it’s a white Mr. Horse and black Mr. Horse~ Your names are~ The white one is ‘Bavarois’ and the black one is ‘Eclair’!”

Although they have not paid for them yet, he already named them. Moreover, following Chocola and others, he gave them very appetizing names again. It appears this little Maou-sama loves sweets very much.
Moreover, it appears the horses liked it as they “Neigh~!” let out their voices.

“Let’s get along from now on, okay? Bavarois, Eclaire!”

Dirkhert pats the two horses’ heads while saying such.
Then, the horses faces approach from both left and right and roll Dirkhert to the ground. They then rub their faces against Dirkhert, making him covered in soil and saliva again.


Dirkhert who somehow managed to get away stares at the two horses while dusting off his clothes.

“Horses are…… dangerous……!”

Dirkhert who finally learned after three times decided to pat horses from Volsung’s arms from now on in his heart.
Thus, the company increased by two new friends.

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