Chapter 108

Rebuilding a Kingdom with Modern Knowledge Cheat

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After buying the horses and carriage, all that’s left was to prepare the daily necessities for the travel.
The baggage will increase, and we will use this carriage all the time from now on. It would be better to get accustomed to driving at least a little, with such thoughts, they decided to shop using the carriage.
Because the store is facing a large street, there’s no problem taking the carriage.

“Shopping with the carriage, so exciting~!”

They travel by carriage in the town they have traveled only on foot so far. Just that is enough to make Dirkhert find it very enjoyable. His voice is overflowing with happiness.
And then, they arrive at their first place of destination, the second-hand store.

“Wow, we have arrived so fast! Carriage is amazing, isn’t it~!”

15-20 minutes on feet took them less than five minutes by the carriage.
Dirkhert pyokon jumps off the driver seat and stares at their new carriage again.

“Incredible, isn’t it? Big, isn’t it?”

The carriage that for certain exceeds double the size of Dirkhert is certainly big. It’s about the size that there’s not much difference from the public carriage they rode to Lease.
The public carriage was for many people, but this carriage is the same size, and only three people use it. Rather, the two were thinking that even a little bigger one might have been good.


“Because this carriage will serve us as a moving home from now on. If it weren’t big to some extent, it wouldn’t be possible for us to travel.”

Dirkhert nods as if he agreed with Volsung’s words.

“I see~ The carriage will become a home on the travel.”
“Yeah, that’s right.”
“Then, this is Dirk’s, Melu’s, and Vol’s home, the home only for the three of us, isn’t it~! Uhiya~ I don’t know what to do~!”

Home only for the three of us, hearing Dirkhert’s words, Meluerina and Volsung exchange glances and both unconsciously spill out laughter.

“A home only for the three of us…… that’s right, isn’t it? This carriage is home only for us.”
“Thinking like that, it makes you feel extremely excited, doesn’t it?”
“Ehehe~ The home of Dirk and others! The name is~ Sachertorte! It’s Sachertorte!”

Sachertorte. That’s another tasty-sounding name.
Neither Meluerina nor Volsung has any objections with the name.
The name of the carriage became Sachertote.

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