Chapter 109

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Preparations For Travel
The three who safely secured carriage, horses and the necessities for travel return to the Cat’s Tail. Having finished today’s business, slowly preparing for the travel is all that’s left.

“Cat’s Tail is amazing, isn’t it~ They have a place for carriages. They will even take care of Horses~”

Being an inn targeted towards adventurers, there’s a place for keeping carriages at Cat’s Tail. Still, Cat’s Tail is an inn for the beginner adventurers, so there’s a place only for one carriage.
Most of the inns don’t have a place to keep carriages, so it’s necessary to put it in place for keeping carriages which come with a handling fee, but that’s not the case here.

“Both Bavarois and Eclair are also going to sleep here, you know?”

Dirkhert who properly learned says while patting the two horses’ heads from Volsung’s arms.
This time, the two horses didn’t roll him down when they stuck their faces to rub against Dirkhert. He was sticky all over, though.

“Vol~ Sticky~”
“Yes, yes, let’s wipe it, okay?”

Volsung who has predicted that this would happen has prepared a wet towel for wiping beforehand.

“See you, stay here obediently, okay?”

Finally separating from the two, he then turned towards the carriage.
Meluerina was just putting the carriage in order.

“Have you finished installing the bed?”

When Volsung peeked inside the carriage, he saw a simple but excellent bed inside. Moreover, there’s a bear fur spread on the floor and vases are displayed on the framework. There’s even clothing case and a small table, there’s plenty for a sufficient life.

“Wow, the carriage feels like a little house!”

Dirkhert who got on the carriage couldn’t help but say such.

“I’m looking forward to traveling~!”

He must have a hard time concealing his happiness. Pyokontanpiyokotan he bounces and jumps, but the carriage stays still.
The carriage is so well made that it’s not moving an inch even when a five years old child vigorously jumps up and down on it. Although it was expensive, the two adults are satisfied with their purchase.

“For the time being, we should be set for travel.”
“Yeah, I’m also starting to look forward to it.”

The little Maou-sama’s travel for knowledge has just begun.
Just what kind of fun things are waiting?
The three were respectively thinking about the future of the journey while looking at the newly bought carriage.

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