Chapter 106

Rebuilding a Kingdom with Modern Knowledge Cheat

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Purchasing Carriage
Close to a month already passed since arriving at the town of Lease.
Dirkhert and Volsung smoothly completed requests, and their rank increased to D. They have finally joined the ranks of intermediate level adventurers.
And since they raised their rank to D, Meluerina and Volsung discussed moving to the capital at last.

“It takes six days by carriage to the capital, right? Won’ six days be too hard for Dirk-sama in the public carriage?”
“Well, it was three days the last time, so he somehow managed, but as expected double the number of they would be a little……”

Originally, going by public carriage is the safest and cheapest way, but. Unfortunately, Dirkhert won’t be able to manage. The last time on the way from the Hulc village to Lease, he was quite selfish and caused many inconveniences to the drivers and passengers.

“…… Should we buy it, a carriage?”
“Oh well.”

They will continue traveling from now on, so having their own carriage might be a good idea. What led them to such thoughts is most likely the monetary prosperity.
In one month, the two did enough request to raise up by two ranks while Meluerina was doing several A-rank requests. In addition to that, they brought a good sum of money and jewerly from the castle. Paying for one carriage should not be a problem.
They went to buy it immediately after deciding. Meluerina and Volsung brought Dirkhert along to purchase the carriage.

“Wow~ So many big carriages~!”

From agricultural to load carriages, transportation wagons, peddler covered wagons, public carriages even luxurious carriages for nobles. As expected of the sole carriage dealer in the town.
The two examine the carriages while properly looking after Dirkhert restlessly loiters all around.


“This one?”
“Let’s see…… I think a little bigger one would be better. We might as well install a simple bed inside.”
“Then, this one?”
“This one is no good, the axle part material is not good.”
“What about this one then?”
“Hmm, this one might be good……”

While thinking about this and that, Dirkhert gets on one of the covered wagons and waves his hand.

“Melu! Vol! Dirk likes this one!”

There are no problems with the size and materials of the wagon Dirkhert chose. The wheels and other parts look strong, the frame and every other important part are iron fittings, it looks to be better made than other covered wagons. The axles are iron as well.
The driver stand is wide. There’s enough space for three.
The reason Dirkhert chose this wagon is most likely because of that.

“Let’s take that one.”
“Yeah, let’s go with that one.”

Dirkhert’s voice made a prompt decision.
Like this, they obtained a carriage.

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