Chapter 105

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Carrot Cake
Time for a snack.
There’s a lovely orange chiffon cake in front of Dirkhert. It has several toppings such as fresh cream and jam and he’s able to eat as much as he wants.

“Wow, looks delicious! Melu, can I eat it?”
“Of course. Please, eat up.”

Dirkhert who got permission from Meluerina took a fork in his hand and cut off a mouthful size of the chiffon cake. And then, zuburi, he carries the fork into his mouth.
At first, he will probably enjoy the taste without thinking.
He will put it into his mouth and chew…… but on the contrary to the expectations, the moment he inserted it into his mouth, Dirkhert stopped moving.
And then, his expression twisted magnificently.


Dirkhert spits out the chiffon cake from his mouth and lowers the plate.

“Dirk doesn’t want this.”
“…… Is it not delicious?”
“I hate the taste of carrots.”

Hearing such words, Meluerina let out a small sigh.
She thought to make somehow her little master who hates carrots eat carrots, but it appears he won’t eat anything with carrots in it. Rather, she doesn’t understand how did he taste the carrots.
Meluerina couldn’t taste the carrots when she tried it. She had Volsung and Aron taste it just in case, but they told her they don’t taste any carrots.
But, Dirkhert immediately tasted the carrots and refused.
It probably means he’s just that sensitive to the taste he hates.

“…… Is that, so.”


This is no good as well, huh. Meluerina gives up and takes the plate with the carrot chiffon cake away. Instead of that, she gave him a chiffon cake with a strong yellow color.

“It’s pumpkin chiffon cake.”
“If it’s pumpkin, I will eat~”

Saying such, Dirkhert starts eating the other chiffon cake. He adds fresh cream, he uses chocolate, he applies jam. Like this, the chiffon cake disappears from his plate before long.

“That was delicious~ thank you for the meal~!”
“I’m glad it suited your tastes.”

Meluerina smiles while wiping Dirkhert’s mouth dirty with fresh cream and chocolate.
She then tidies up the tableware while watching Dirkhert play with cats.
In the end, the carrot chiffon cake is going to end up in Volsung’s stomach.

“I see……”

It seems he won’t notice the carrots when mixed in food with other vegetables featured as the main point. She though such while staring at the plate the pumpkin chiffon cake was on.
Meluerina spills a laugh.

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