Chapter 104

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Approximately one week passed since the kittens were born. Ridge finally gave Dirkhert permission to touch them.

“Yaan, so tiny and adorable~!”

Aron touches the kittens with great delight even before Dirkhert. She gently rises a kitten that fits comfortably into her palm and rubs her cheek against it.
Seeing that, he “Dirk too! Dirk wants to cuddle too!” says while pulling on Ridge’s hand. Ridge lifts up one of the kittens and puts in in Dirkhert’s palms.
A body so little it completely fits into Dirkhert’s small, small palms. Little, but warm. Life certainly exists here.
Miya~ Dirkhert fixedly stares with his big eyes at the black kitten that raises a tiny cry while looking up at Dirkhert.
They definitely thought that Dirkhert will rub his cheeks against the kitten just like Aron, but he instead stares at the kitten in his palms without moving.

“…… Dirk-sama? What’s the matter?”

He was restlessly fidgeting, wanting to hold the kittens until just a little while ago. Volsung tilts his head while looking at his little master that became quiet the moment a kitten landed into his palms.

“…… You see, I don’t know what to do.”
“You don’t know, is it?”
“Yeah. I can’t do the usual tight giyu~ I usually do with other Neko-sans, I can’t mofumofu it, it’s so tiny I don’t know what to do……”

Miya~ letting out such cry, the black kitten in Dirkhert’s little palms starts squirming. It seems like it will fall from his palms just when careless for a little. It nervously wanders in his little palms.

“Vol, what to do!”
“Yes, yes, then, please place it on my hands first.”

Volsung presents his big hand while saying so and Dirkhert places the kitten on top of it.
Dirkhert’s hands were full with the kitten while Volsung’s one hand is enough for the kitten.

“Hiya~…… in Vol’s hand, it looks even tinier, doesn’t it?”

He’s more composed than when the kitten was in his hands, and now he pokes the kitten and pats its head. He seems to have more fun than before.

“Will the kittens grow healthily, I wonder……”
“Are you worried?”

If they were stray cats, there would be a high possibility of death, but these kittens are children kept at the Cat’s Tail. The chances of them dying are not high.
Still, he would be worried.

“…… Then, shall I give them a blessing?”
“Yeah, a blessing.”

Volsung lowers the kitten in his hand next to its parent, and then he tells Aron to lower the kitten in her hands too.
When the three kittens are gathered, he brings them up to his forehead and whispers.

“The small lives living together with the Earth, the Wind, and the Water. Under the name of Vol Greenwood, I grant you the divine protection of the spirits of the life……”

When he kisses the foreheads of the three kittens, their bodies start slightly shining.

“Hoo, so this is the blessing of an elf……”
“Amaz~ing, it’s my first time seeing this……!”


The existence that is an elf is rare. Naturally, there aren’t many people who have seen the elf blessing. Ridge, Aron, and those who happen to be present have by chance seen something that can be seen only rarely.

“They will be all right now. These children are protected by spirits, they will surely grow up splendidly.”
“Wow, thank you, Vol! Kittens, aren’t you glad!”

Dirkhert pats each kitten’s head.
As if saying thank you, each of the kittens let out “Miya~”.



Nya~ nya~ nya~ day 2

“Cat day?”
“Right, today is the Cat day! That’s why we are going to prepare wonderful meal for the cats of the Cat’s Tail!”

Aron prepares to make a big fish while saying such.

“Wow, a fish~!”
“This is these children’s today’s meal!”

She says proudly while decorating the head and tail and cutting the body in thick slices one after another. The volume is truly perfect. Like this, the cats would be delighted.

“Dirk will give the meal to the kitties~!”
“Alright~! There, here you go!”

Saying such, Aron hands Dirkhert a big plate full of sashimi. Dirkhert properly receives the plate, but because it’s too big, his hands start shaking.

“Nununu…… heavy~…… Vol, save me~!”
“Yes, yes.”

After receiving the big plate from the little hands of his little Maou-sama, he lowers it down to his eye level.

“Alright kitties, it’s time for the meal~!”

When Dirkhert presents a slice of fish from the plate while saying such, the cats instantly gather around Dirkhert.
It seems hard to be surrounded by cats, but a figure of a seemingly happy little Maou-sama could be seen at the Cat’s Tail.

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