Chapter 103

Rebuilding a Kingdom with Modern Knowledge Cheat

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Miya~ miya~ frail little cries resound in the corner of the Cat’s Tail.
There, three little kittens were just born. The mother Toy was unsteadily walking around them.

“Hiya~…… so tiny~ so cute.”

The little kittens are just small as Dirkhert’s little palm. Although he can’t still touch them because they were just born, Dirkhert is watching the kittens with satisfaction.

“Lad, is this your first time seeing kittens?”
“No, I have seen kittens before. But, they were bigger than these children~”

In other words, it’s his first time seeing newborn kittens. That is a good experience. Ridge pats Dirkhert’s head.

“It’s difficult caring for kittens, after all. You might want to touch them, but endure it for a few days, okay?”
“Yeah, it’s okay! Dirk wants kittens to grow healthy, so Dirk will endure!”

It goes without saying that he wants to touch them. His body is restlessly fidgeting.
While watching kittens like that, the white cat in Dirk’s embrace let out “Nya~”.

“Wow, Salt! You want to play together~?”


When he looks at the cat in his embrace, the cat peshi, peshi claps on Dirkhert’s face with its soft pads.
To Salt’s action that looked like it was saying ‘Stop looking only at the kittens all the time’, Dirkhert held Salt in his arms even tighter and rubbed his cheeks against its warm body.

“…… It’s quite attached to you lad, isn’t it?”

Ridge opens his eyes wide and lets out such words while looking at Salt who doesn’t like people’s touch in Dirkhert’s embrace.

“Ehehe~ I want to get along just like Ojisan and Toy~!”

He must have been envious of the relation between Ridge and Toy. Dirkhert said such while holding Salt. Salt also doesn’t seem to have it bad, as it closes its eyes comfortably in Dirkhert’s embrace. It must feel that relieved in his arms.
After that, Dirkhert started playing with Salt using foxtail, but before long many cats gathered around Dirkhert, jumping towards the foxtail.


Defending the foxtail to death against the gathering cats, Dirkhert pyokan bounces here, pyokan bounces there, trying to escape from the cats. The cats totetetetete chase after him.
Is he playing with cats or is he getting played with by the cats? Either way, laughter unconsciously leaves Ridge’s lips who is watching from the side.

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