Chapter 102

Rebuilding a Kingdom with Modern Knowledge Cheat

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Piled Up
The bandits were later safely captured, the leader was sentenced to a death penalty, and the other members were made into labor slaves.
This time, the capture of the bandits was late, there was a lot of damage, the bandits were cunning, and there was a problem on the Merchant’s Guild’s side. Improvements were presented from the Adventurer’s Guild.
What kind of merchandise or what luggage are the peddlers carrying are now not disclosed to the guild, and thanks to that, rather than specialized large trading corps, single peddlers are now thriving.
In the past, the system allowed the large merchant corps to sell the goods at lower prices than peddlers.
In order to prevent that, the Merchant’s Guild aims to standardize the wholesale price of goods within the guild. It eliminates the problem of who and where sells what product for which price.
Not knowing the price allows the large merchant corps undercut the prices of the peddlers, making them lose their jobs. As a result, many small merchants were saved.
Since then, there has been almost no disclosure of information.
However, this time, the system to protect merchants backfired and the lives of many people were lost.
It means that there’s still a hole in the system.
Failure, improvement, and failure again…… there’s progress with repetition. Although many victims came out of this, it’s good that there were improvements made out of this.
That’s what the guild reported to Meluerina and others.
Because Onnes assisted the bandits too, although unwillingly because of a hostage situation, it was announced that he will be sentenced to two years of manual labor. However, there is no danger to his life as he was sent there for a short period of two years in the form of a worker, instead of a slave.
It has most likely turned out like this because of Volsung’s suggestion.
Lilia has been sent to an orphanage while Onnes doing the manual labor. She will be lonely being separated from her father for two years…… is what they thought, but the orphanage Lilia has been entrusted to is close to the workplace, so they are able to meet every day.
That also has been arranged only thanks to Volsung. Elf-sama’s words can’t be bluntly shut down.
Originally, Volsung had no intention of helping Onnes, but he changed his action when Dirkhert told him “Please help Lia!”. Those who didn’t know that must be thinking that it was “Elf-sama’s compassion”. The public appearances of the elf Volsung are steadily rising.

“Ah~…… so noisy.”

No matter how good evaluation Volsung receives from people other than Dirkhert, he doesn’t care. Rather, he doesn’t want anything to do with it, that’s why he spilled such words which were on his mind unconsciously.

“Vol is popular, isn’t he?”
“…… I don’t need a favor from anyone but Dirk-sama.”


Volsung lifts Dirkhert who was sitting next to him and ti~ghtly hugs him.

“I just need Dirk-sama in my life.”
“…… Brother-in-law-sama, you are saying something perverted-ish.”

When hugging Dirkhert, the piled-up anger Volsung felt towards the humans that are making a fuss about him disappeared, which made Meluerina raise a certain question.
Even though he received a shock and thought “Perhaps I might be a pervert”, it clearly indicated how the case of Volsung’s affection for his Maou-sama started growing worse.
Thus, the bandit uproar has been ended.

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