Chapter 101

Rebuilding a Kingdom with Modern Knowledge Cheat

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“Thank you very much, really…… really, thank you very much.”

When they brought Lilia to Onnes, he just woke up and repeated words of gratitude over and over again. But, his physical strength has not returned yet. There was not much power behind his voice.
When Meluerina laid Lilia down next to Onnes, he slowly stretched his arm and touched her cheek.
The transmitting warmth must be giving him a peace of mind, Lilia has returned safely. “Thank you” he repeated many times while shedding tears from his eyes.
After a short while, when Onnes calms down, Meluerina inquiries from Onnes.

“Why did you inform Brother-in-law-sama about the bandits?”

That was a reasonable question. He suddenly leaked information about the bandits that no one knew anything about. He must have imagined the result it could bring. But, Onnes defied the danger and conveyed the information to Volsung. It would be weird not having questions.

“My wife, she has been murdered a long time ago…… after being thoroughly used as their plaything.”

Hearing those words, Meluerina’s and Volsung’s faces warp in disgust. They don’t want to believe that, but it’s highly possible in some respects.

“Haha, it’s laughable, isn’t it? Even though she was killed a long time ago…… I believed that she was alive all this time, and did my best to save her. Because of that, I helped them to snatch so many lives……!”


Frustration, hatred, regret…… Meluerina and Volsung weren’t able to say anything to his various negative feelings.
It couldn’t be helped. Don’t worry about it. They weren’t able to say such seemingly simple words. Because only Onnes can understand his sorrow.

“I immediately knew, when I accidentally met Elf-sama in the Hulc Village.”

Elf-sama will surely do something about it. Thinking such, he made a resolve and casually leaked the information to Volsung.
He didn’t think he would get almost killed because of the Adventurer’s Guild, but as a result, he can witness the bandits group get destroyed. He must have thought it was worth the risk of life.

“Thank you very much for running down those guys.”

Even though it has not been settled yet, words of gratitude escaped from Onnes’ mouth.
But this problem is going smoothly like this only because of Onnes’ help. This result is only because he looked past the danger and spilled the beans to Volsung.
Even though he risked his life and leaked the information, the Adventurer’s Guild should be the one conveying their gratitude, not the other way around. A wry smile floats on Meluerina’s face.
But Onnes doesn’t think so. He repeats the words of gratitude and apology over and over again.
Like this, approximately 30 minutes passed while conversing in the hospital room. Just at the time when the information that the location of the bandits’ hideout has been discovered, Lilia who was unconscious all this time woke up.
When Onnes confirmed that she was not hurt anywhere, an expression of relief flowed on his face. Dirkhert while holding Lilia’s hand, bounced up and down happily on the spot.
Normally, they would have to go over to hear the information about the bandits’ hideout, but the three attended Onnes and Lilia as their acquaintances. Therefore, the information was brought to them by other adventurers.
The three were still nursing Onnes and Lilia who were still not in a normal condition.

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