Chapter 12

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How to Establish a Fact
The little girl model Magic Puppet opens her eyes.
And then, she slowly raises her body. Those movements were so smooth she can be hardly seen as a puppet.

“O, oooh! S, she moves! At last, she moveeees at last!”

The great sage who turned into a ghost yells in excitement.


Kyton, the little girl slightly tilts her head.
Her black hair with a tinge of blue gathered in twintails gently sway to the side.
Incidentally, the twintails are the great sage’s taste.

“Uooooooooooooh! Kyawaiiiiiii! What a lovely gesture jaaaaaa!”

The great sage who is shedding tears shrieks.
Frankly speaking, he’s dangerous.
The little girl curiously stares at such him.

“That’s right, Mireille! I’m your Master ja! Now, come and jump into my embrace!”

By the way, Tira is currently looking at the great sage as if he was garbage.
There’s not a fragment of reverence for a superior in magic felt any longer.

It was at that moment.
The little girl suddenly removed her gaze from the great sage.
And then, with a smile on her entire face,


She cuddled while saying such――――to me.

“Oh~ There, there, I’m your Papa~”

When I stroke the girl’s head, she twists her body in comfort. However, I feel good stroking her head as well. This gorgeous and soft hair is first-class.
The little girl points in wonder at the dumbstruck sage.

“Hey, Papa, who is that Ojiichan? Why is he crying?”
“Wha…… t, is this……?”

The great sage opens his eyes wide in shock.

“Something sorrowful has probably happened to him. Nevertheless, you are so kind, Filia.”
“Filia, admirable?”
“Yeah, very admirable, Filia.”
“F, Filia, you say……? Y, you, didn’t……”
“I tampered her a bit to my tastes, is something wrong?”

While completing the Magic Puppet, I altered her intelligence systems!

“He, what have you done――――!?”

Tira inserts the biggest tsukkomi yet.

“Sorry, Jiisan…… For this girl’s happiness, it would be better if she was my daughter than the daughter of a ghost.”
(So Master was lolicon on top of being a pervert. Won’t imprisoning you would be best for the world?)

No, no, Naviko-san.
I’m not really a lolicon or anything.
My actions were really for this child, you know?

“Y, you bastaaaard! You have deceived meeee!”

The great sage shouts angrily.
The surrounding air is trembling.
However, I clearly say without getting shaken by it.

“You should already ascend. A mage of your level should understand how dangerous that spell is.”
(A, are you trying to preach to me even though you are just a brat!?)
“Yeah. Although, Buddha may not lend an ear for a senile Jiisan who used a taboo spell for something like this.”
(Bastard! I will kill you! I will murder youuuuu!)
“You think so?”

I quickly chant and instantly create a magic circle.

“Wha! T, this is――!?”
“As you can see, it’s purification magic.”

I possess a [Necromancy・Extremity] skill. As the name suggests, it’s a magic that allows the handling of the dead, but magic to purify evil is included in it as well.

“W, wait, I don’t want to disappear y―――”
“Laters, Jiisan.”
“――Curse youuuuu!”

Enveloped in the light of purification, the body of the great sage vanishes.
Nothing was left behind.
He has completely vanished.

“I, it’s over…… isn’t it?”

Tira timidly asks.

“Anyway, Karuna-san…… You are able to use purification magic……?”
“Then, use it from the beginning please.”
“Iyaa, I wanted to see great sage’s angry face.”
“What’s with this extremely cruel reason!?”
“It was only for short, but I let him see his dream at last. His long-cherished ambition.”
“You have completely destroyed that dream, didn’t you!?”

Seeing Tira and me on good terms, the little girl model Magic Puppet――Filia, reservedly pulls on my clothes.


Then, she alternated between mine and Tira’s face.

“Filia. This person is your Mama.”
“Mama? …… She’s Mama?”
“That’s right. Filia’s Mama.”

Filia hugs Tira with a huge smile on her face.

“Hey, why have I became the mother!?”
“Mama…… You are not Filia’s mama……?”

Filia looks up at Tira with wet eyes.

“U…… I, if you look at me like that……”
“Filia, doesn’t have Mama……?”
“Uun, that’s not true. Filia-chan. I’m your Mama.”
“Waah! Mama! Mama!”

Tira instantly surrendered.
As expected of angel’s tears. Children are formidable.

“This makes me and Tira a freshly married couple!”
“It’s an established fact―――!?”

My bride who shouts in shock.

In fact, I have anticipated this development since the time I was working out the strategy to defeat the great sage!

(Master, you have used [Thought Acceleration・Extremity]?)


(Master+ [Thought Acceleration・Extremity] = perfect crime. …… The world is already at risk.)

Why is the premise me committing a crime?
Just you wait and see, my good virtues.
I kindly ask Filia.

“Filia, don’t you want a younger brother?”

Filia smiles innocently. Very adorable.

“I see~ You want~ Mama will make you one.”
“What are you talking about!? I won’t!?”
“Mama, you won’t make……?”

Filia gets dejected.
Seeing her like that, Tira “Uu” falters.

“U, using a child like that is really despicable!”
(…… Master, where were the good virtues in that exchange?)

Tira sighs after shouting at me.

“Certainly, the last boss took many tsukkomi to defeat.”
“More than half is your fault, though. Are you aware of that? Are you aware of that? You are, right?”
“Wai, stop poking my nostrils with your staff. That is used for magic. It’s not something you should use to arouse my nostrils with.”

I have a feeling that Tira is gradually losing her modesty around me.
That means the distance between our hearts has shortened!

(Master is always positive, aren’t you? No, they are definitely not words of praise.)

Naviko-san praised me at that time. (I told you that I wasn’t praising you.)





Tira staggers at the sudden intense tremor.
Filia clings to my leg with a startled expression.


Earthquake? No, only the tower is shaking?
I investigated with [Appraisal・Extremity].

…… Huh, seriously?
It appears that this tower is collapsing.
Probably because the great sage who was maintaining it has ascended.

“Tira, we are immediately getting out.”
“! W, wait a moment please!”
“I have to collect the great sage’s data! I have come this far only because of that!”

Tira starts collecting the documents scattered around the room.
The tower is on the verge of collapsing.
Despite that, Tira is desperately collecting the documents.

“I can’t return to the elf village without this……!”

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Ecchi Products from Japan from J-List - Your Favorite Online Shop and Friend in Japan

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