Chapter 11

Rebuilding a Kingdom with Modern Knowledge Cheat

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True Last Boss (Dangerous)
After we had defeated the Red Dragon, a ghost of an old man appeared before us.
His body is seriously transparent.
He’s wearing a tattered cloth over his body while buoyantly floating in the air.

“Who are you?”

I unconsciously ended up asking, but well, there won’t an answer, though. It’s a ghost after all.
At times like this, [Appraisal・Extremity]――

“I’m Owen ja.”

“It normally answered!? …… but, who? Oven?”
“I, it’s not who! Speaking of Owen, it’s the creator of this tower, you know! But, to think he would still be living……?”
“No, he’s dead no matter how you look. It’s a ghost.”
“T, that’s right, isn’t it…… huh, don’t tsukkomi me so calmly.”

The ghost moves its lips while looking down at us who quarrel.

“I’m Owen ja.”
“Yep, you said that just a while ago.”
“I will eliminate everyone who tries to get in the way of my research.”

Immediately, a magic circle appears, and a fierce wind springs towards us.

“Advanced magic!?”

I kick the ground with Tira still on my back and evade the attacking tornado.
But, the shadow of the great sage activates Advanced magic in no time again.

“Advanced magic rapid fire…… moreover, this chanting speed……”
“Tira, we strike with Advanced magic too.”
“I already started!”

Tira invokes Advanced magic. The same spell as the opponent――a tornado.
At the same moment the wind shoots out, the other side does the same.
The two great wind attacks collide――


I infuse my right fist with a fighting spirit and thrust at the point where the two winds collide.

“Certain Kill――――Beastly Congenial Hammer!!”

I thrust my fist infused with a fighting spirit and shoot a shockwave forward.
It boosts Tira’s wind, which smashes the opponent’s magic.


The great sage opens his eyes wide.
Immediately after, the fighting spirit and the wind swallows him.
The great sage’s body scatters in smoke.

“Did we, do it……?”
“No, the survival flag is still standing.”
“Flag, what’s that……?”

In a moment, the scattered body gathers in one place.
The ghost returns to its original form as if nothing had happened.

“Futile ja. Attacks won’t work on a ghost such as myself.”
(Yes. The damage was 0.)


Race: Ghost
Level: 58
Life: 0/0


Rather, ain’t his HP zero to begin with?
He’s completely invulnerable like that.
How do I defeat him, Naviko-san?

(If it’s Master, there are many methods to defeat him. For example――)
“N? Wait a moment. This Jiisan, he seems to be hiding something interesting.”

I used [Appraisal・Extremity] and inspected that fellow in great detail.
It appears that this fellow casts spiritual magic on himself so he could complete a certain research.

“Hee. Ain’t you researching something interesting~”
“W, what are you talking about? Rather than that, we have no way of defeating him if attacks don’t work! Let’s step back――”
“Again!? I somehow expected it for some reason or other, though!”

I plunge straight into the great sage.
But, I slip through his body just like that.

“H, hey, didn’t you just see the contents of his body!? It was extremely grotesque, though!?”

Yeah, I saw. I also got startled a little.

(Ghost’s body is a body of energy called astral body, but a high-level ghost’s astral body elaborately reproduces the body as it was when alive.)
“That’s some useless commitment.”

After passing through the great sage’s body, I ran straight to the corner of the room.
My purpose wasn’t to attack the great sage, to begin with.
I kick the door that stood there boldly.

“That is my laboratory! Entering isn’t permitted!”

The great sage panics and chases after us.
I dodge the magic fired from behind and went directly to the destination that the [Detection・Extremity] gave.
Thus, I arrived at this room.

“…… That’s it! That is the very reason the great sage Owen has cast spiritual magic on himself.”
“A, a girl……?”

In the center of the room.
A young girl about ten of age was laid down on an operating-like table.

“No, she’s a Magic Puppet.”
“Magic Puppet……?”
“On top of that, it’s almost a perfect reproduction of human, a super high-performance one at that.”
“I, is that even possible…… No, if it’s the great sage…… b, but, why such a young girl?”

He’s the great sage. He must surely have some kind of a distant plan, right? Tira timidly asks.
I shake my neck.
And, I tell her the truth.

“It’s his taste.”
“It’s that ghost Jiisan’s taste.”


I heard a ghastly voice from behind.
It seems he has caught up.
However, I loudly shout without hesitation.

“The great sage Owen didn’t really want to make a Magic Puppet! He just wanted to make a little girl to his tastes!”

“No, no, no, that can’t be true, right!?”

Tira on my back shakes her head in denial.

“I mean, it’s the legendary great sage, you know!? I tell you that the little girl is probably his daughter or granddaughter! He was probably drowned in sadness, so he created a similar-looking puppet!”

Well, you would normally think that.
However, the ghost of the great sage shouts loudly and smashes Tira’s hope.

“She’s not my daughter nor granddaughter! That girl is a modeled after Mireille-chan who once lived in my neighborhood ja.”
“The person in question plainly admitted it――――!?”
“She was lovely…… Even though I was happy just by looking from a distance…… that unpleasant mother of hers! That middle-aged woman, she treated me like a suspicious person……”

Gogogogo, the great sage emits a terrifying negative aura.

“M, my image of the great sage is collapsing at a terrible speed, though……”

Tira who seems to have respected the great sage as a fellow magician groans in shock.

“I’m sorry, Tira. To put it blankly. The great sage Owen is a lolicon!”
“No way…… I didn’t want to know that!”
“Correct, I’m a lolicon ja! However, what is wrong with that ja! What’s wrong with lolicons! What’s wrong with liking little girls jaaaaa!”

The Great Sage tightly closes his fists and shouts loudly, confessing his desires, destroying Tira’s beliefs.
And then, his shoulders suddenly drop in dejection,

“However, unfortunately, no matter how hard I tried, the little girl never looked at me again……”
“That’s only natural!”
“Therefore, I have decided to create one with my own hands! Just mine, to my taste, a perfect little girl who would embrace only me!”
“Guards! It’s this person!”
“However, regrettably, my life has come to an end before that ja!”

The great sage was overcome with tears.

“Therefore, even turning into a ghost…… ku, this passion, I understand it!”
“You can understand!?”
“Perverted comrades, the same kind of people indeed understand each other.”

The great sage looks at me with vacant eyes.

“You…… you understand my suffering……?”
“Yeah. I also made a love doll modeled after a girl I liked in the past.”

However, it was found by my mother and thrown away.
I was regretting that time…… I cried for three days.

“Ooh, a kindred spirit!”

The great sage approaches me with a smile on his face.
I shake hands with him. I slip through, though.

“That’s right. We are already friends!”

I have a feeling that Tira is looking at me weirdly, but let’s not mind it.

“Let me lend a hand to such a friend. I will complete this Magic Puppet for you.”
“…… You, can you do that?”
“Leave it to me.”

Towards the great sage――no, towards my friend, I nod strongly.

Anyhow, I have [Appraisal・Extremity] skill.
Because I can learn detailed information about the object when I touch it, so I know where the problem lies.
Furthermore, I have [Production・Extremity] skill as well. I should be able to make a Magic Puppet with my hands from scratch.

“Now, let’s complete the little girl, friend!”

I declare loudly.


The great sage raises his voice in joy.
At that time, I heard an unprecedented, cold voice from behind.

“Before that, put me down, please. Quickly. You pervert.”

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