Chapter 32

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A Prince Came Over
A few days after Gilbert became my contracted spirit.
My daily life returned to normal and I was caring for the herbs in the greenhouse together with Hughley.

“Ah, Oniisama, welcome ba――”

The moment I was about to return from the greenhouse to the mansion, I happened to see my Elder brother Wilfreed who returned from the academy descending from a carriage.
I immediately ran over, wanting to embrace him.
However, catching the sight of another figure in the carriage, my legs came to a sudden stop.

“Ah, Miss Victoria, I will be intruding.”

Surprisingly, the person who got down from the carriage after Elder brother was this country’s first prince, Cyrus-sama.
I’m sure you are already aware, but he’s one of the capture targets.
Although I have escaped the crisis of engagement with the princes thanks to the contract with Hughley, I have been avoiding coming in contact with the princes to keep the expectations that the country has of me away.
And yet――

“…… Thank you very much for coming, Your Highness Cyrus.”
“It’s not our first time meeting, but it sure is our first time talking like this, isn’t it?”

It’s my first time seeing Prince Cyrus since the audience with His Majesty.
Well, the conversation with the princes that time can’t be considered a conversation.

I thought that there might be a possibility for Prince Cyrus to come to visit us as he’s Elder brother’s school friend, but I thought of hiding at my room or the greenhouse at that time……
I didn’t expect him to come unannounced together with Elder brother straight from the academy.
My escape route is as good as gone.

“Ria, I am home~ Forget about Cyrus-sama for now and do your usual welcome home hug please.”

I thought I was being rude to the royalty, but Elder brother doesn’t hold back, huh…
Even with a prince here, hugging went on as normal~

“I heard the rumors, but your doting is far above that~”

But, not agitated by Elder brother’s actions, Cyrus-sama conversely showed admiration.
However, I couldn’t overhear Prince’s words.

“Oniisama, what rumors?”

Right, rumors.
Prince said that he heard rumors.

“Ah, that is you see. Rumors that say that Fried is a hopeless siscon.”
“…… Eh?”

The hell is that, the hell is that, the hell is thaaat—!
I have asked Elder brother, but to think Prince would be the one to reply.
No, if you asked whether my Elder brothers are siscons or not, then they are without a doubt siscons!
I understand that they are doting on me quite a bit, alright!
Of course, I am a brocon as well!
But, other people than the servants of the residence are talking rumors about us!?
I didn’t have an idea that there are such rumors spreading about us~

“Oniisama…… is it true that there are such rumors?”
“That seems to be the case~ But, it’s true that I love Ria very much~”

He’s not feeling ashamed about it at all!?
It seems that to Elder brother, the contents of the rumors are speaking nothing but the truth, so he isn’t concerned with it.
No, no, no, even if it’s the truth, isn’t it embarrassing to be talked about by many people like that?
Are my senses bad, I wonder~?
No, they are not, right?
Ugh~~~ how do I deal with that……

“Now, now, Ria. First of all, how about going inside and having tea?”

Which reminds me, I have stopped the prince at the entrance!

“Your Highness, I am sorry to have stopped you. I will be excusing myself now, but please enjoy your time here.”
“Oh my? You are going? How about going with us, Miss Victoria?”
“…… Eh?”

…… I got caught, even though I was trying to escape.
Would it be rude if I declined?
I would like to refuse if possible.
If possible, I would absolutely decline.

“That’s right, Ria. Come and have tea with me?”

No, no, Elder brother, don’t approve with Prince here!
Even though you usually can read my thoughts accurately, why do you not demonstrate that power today!?

“Cyrus-sama, please go inside. Now then, Ria come too.”

After urging Prince inside, Elder brother tightly grasped my hand and started walking.
The brocon me wasn’t able to shake off my Elder brother’s hand…… in the end, I could only have tea together with them.

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