Chapter 33

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Let’s Have a Tea
“Freed…… what is that?”
“Even if you ask me that, it’s just what it looks like?”
“…… No, yeah, I know that. However……”

We are in a salon having tea with His Highness.
His Highness seemed like he wanted to say something, but his words got stuck because of what I think was Elder brother’s expression.
The reason I said “think” is because I cannot see his expression.
That’s because I am sitting on top of his lap.
But, I can tell even without looking.
Right now, Elder brother is smiling very much.

“Have you forgotten that I was here?”
“I did not?”

Sitting on top of Elder brother’s lap is already a daily routine for me, but since His Highness was here, I tried to sit normally on the sofa.
But, Elder brother wasn’t concerned as he carried me, who was sitting next to him on top of his lap.

“Oniisama, is this not discourteous after all?”
“N? Ria, Cyrus-sama is not a person who would get angered by something of this extent, so it’s fine. Isn’t that right, Cyrus-sama?”
“…… I have no choice but to nod here, do I? It’s fine. I won’t tell a siscon like you to stop being affectionate to your little sister, so enjoy yourself fully.”

His Highness responded casually to the refreshing attitude of my Elder brother.

“See, Ria? Therefore, you can sit on my lap at ease.”

He really is stubborn this Elder brother of mine~
Well, even though I said all that, I feel calm when sitting on top if his lap too~
Besides, Elder brother is too perfect of a person, so having a defect of being a siscon might be good for him~
If he’s too perfect, he will invoke envy.

Now then, leaving the matter of a siscon & brocon aside, the problem is His Highness.
I must not forget.
That His Highness is a capture target!
Thanks to the contract with the spirits, I avoided the engagement with His Highness coming to fruition.
Therefore, I was able to miss the breaking off the engagement route, but…… if by any chance, Marietta and His Highness get along, the possibility of being named as the mastermind behind her bullying still remains.
The matter of bullying is very troublesome.
That’s because I don’t know whether I will be falsely accused of being the mastermind behind the bullying or not.
Therefore, meeting His Highness like this might not be a bad thing in the end.
That’s because this is an opportunity to show His Highness that I am not the kind of a person who would bully someone behind his back.
Why don’t I aim to become a little sister of his best friend that he’s close with, rather than just being his best friend’s little sister!

“Excuse me.”

Just as I decided the direction of my future actions, Gilbert carried in a tea.

“Oh my? Aren’t you Stalin? I thought I haven’t seen you in a while, so this is where you were!”
“Yes, I have been dispatched as Victoria-sama’s exclusive guard.”
“Was that so?”

Gilbert and His Highness seemed to know each other.
Well, Gilbert was a Royal Guard, so it’s not strange that he is acquaintances with the royalty~

“Victoria-sama, I have brought you a berry tart for a tea-cake, are you fine with that?”
“It’s fine, thank you.”

I am concerned about Gilbert’s overly formal tone, but…… it cannot be helped since he’s in front of His Highness~

“Is this perhaps a cake Ria made?”
“That’s right. I think it came out very well, so please try it by all means.”

It’s a custard tart with lots of berries I made this morning with Miria.

“…… Could you wait for a moment?”
“What’s the matter, Cyrus-sama?”
“What’s the matter, you ask…… don’t you feel anything after looking at this?”
“I think it looks very delicious? As expected of Ria!”
“Ahh, truly.”

The Star Berries and Aurora Berries were brought by the spirits who came over to play.
I thought they looked really yummy, but they are apparently high-grade, rare berries.

“It was a present.”
“You have quite lavish friends.”
“Oniisama has met them too, you know?”
“Is that so?”
“Yes. They were from the little spirits that occasionally come over to play.”
“Ah, those children, huh~ I understand that.”

His Highness hung his head in tiredness after hearing my conversation with Elder brother.

“Have you guys not noticed that your conversation sounds really abnormal? It’s pretty strange for spirits to come over to play, alright?”
“Cyrus-sama, this is Ria we are talking about, so your common sense is irrelevant.”

It sure is~
Even if I couldn’t see spirits freely, and meet them, my way of thinking is little different from normal because of my contracts.

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