Chapter 24

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My Cute Child (Miria)
I felt something abnormal in Ria-chan’s emotions and headed with Hughley to Ria-chan.
Then there she was, Ria-chan on the brink of tears.
In that instant, Hughley looked around in anger, looking for the person who made her like that.
The cause was…… yeah, that guard right……
If I say it was as expected, it was as expected.
I mean, that guard of Ria-chan’s has been bringing her nearly to tears since a long time ago.
However, she did her best to push those feelings back, you know?
Because they were actions in order to prevent us from taking action, I did my best not to render Ria-chan’s efforts futile, but……
It seems there was no need for that as I thought.
Haah~…… it would be better to remove him without a delay, right~

(There, there~ Hughley, calm down a bit~ Hunting for prey is good, but if you entrust yourself to anger, the entire building will turn into garbage~)

First of all, I stopped Hughley who was about to use his powers in anger.
Oh my, the eyes of Ria-chan’s brothers are open wide in shock.
Well, they weren’t aware that the building nearly turned into garbage, that would be startling to hear~

(If you do that, Ria-chan will be sad you know~)

Ria-chan will be sad, with just that brief comment, Hughley seemingly calmed down.
Even though my Ria-chan wouldn’t get hurt, she’s a child who would get hurt if the surroundings got hurt.
Ria-chan is a really good child~
Because Hughley understands that too, he gave up after listening to my words, wrapped the guard in ivy and rolled him up on the ground.

(Will there be a problem if I get rid of just this fellow?)

Hughley’s anger has somewhat lessened, but it wasn’t extinguished.
Hughley was stepping on the guard rolled up in ivy.

(That’s no good~ Ria-chan doesn’t desire for you to go that far, right?)

As for my true opinion, I’m in agreement with Hughley, but……
If we do that, as expected, Ria-chan would be sad, right~

(However, this fellow made Ria sad, ya know?)
(You mustn’t~)

Hughley this fellow, how shrewd of him to smack his lips~
Didn’t he become a bit more human?
Well, I made a contract with Ria-chan too and I’m having fun when making sweets with her, I wonder if we are the same?

(Ria-chan, everything is all right now. For now, go together with Hughley to the castle, okay? ――Look, Hughley. You take Ria-chan and that problem child and return to the castle first. Return the goods to the King.)
(Got it.)
“…… What about Miria?”
(It’s okay. I will clean up here and immediately return to Ria-chan’s side~)

To be concerned about me here~
Even though she should be at her limits~
Iya~n, Ria-chan is a really good girl, isn’t she~

(Ah, Ria-chan. Please lend me your pochette for a bit.)
“Okay…… sniff.”
(Thank you.)

Ria-chan is still crying a little, but she still nodded and gave a reply to my request.
There are many things that are very valuable to humans in Ria-chan’s pochette, but she simply entrusted it to me without asking a single question.
It’s not easy thing to do even when it comes to your own contracted spirit~
When I received Ria-chan’s pochette, Hughley left the store while holding Ria-chan in his arms, dragging the guard wrapped in ivy behind him.
All that’s left is……

(There, there Ria-chan’s older brothers. If you don’t follow after them, who’s going to explain the situation in detail? Hugh will do as he pleases and fabricate the story, you know?)

When I said such, the surprised older brothers left the store in a panic.

(Umm, you are the person who often accompanies Ria-chan in the mansion, aren’t you~? You stay behind, okay~ The person over there is the person I often see by the side of Ria-chan’s older brothers, right~? And, the man over there is?)

I point fingers one by one.
Umm, Ria-chan’s maid (?) and older brothers’ butler (?) were they called like that?
I haven’t seen the other one before~
But, he must be an involved party since they are together?

“!! He’s a guard.”
(Guard~? Hmm~ you alone?)
“N, no! Others are waiting outside the store!”
(Is that so~ Then, you take the other guards and hurry up after older brothers, okay? I don’t know whether Hughley would protect older brothers at the moment after all. Ah, you remain here, okay~)

When I said so, the butler panicked and left the store.
Let’s have the guard stay behind for the sake of Ria-chan’s maid.
If something happened to Ria-chan’s maid because she was left alone, Ria-chan would be sad, wouldn’t she?
Well, that’s about it~

“U, umm, Light Spirit-sama. What should I do since I’m staying……”
(N~? This is a shopping place, right~? Would it be alright if everyone disappeared like this~? People~ if eating in another place~ have to pay for it with money, right? And, this person is here so you wouldn’t be left alone.)

When I said such to the timid maid, she made a startled expression.
It appears she understands the reason I stayed behind.
She immediately took corresponding actions.
Fuun~ She’s paying for everyone in the store, isn’t she~
People have many troubles don’t they~

(Right, right! Also~ this is a store where sweets are sold, right? Store means that I can bring the sweets out of here, right~? Ria-chan was looking forward to it so much, but didn’t get to eat anything, didn’t she? You are the store’s person, aren’t you? Umm, give me as many sweets as I can buy with this please.)

If I bring her sweets to eat, Ria-chan’s mood would improve at least a bit, right?
Thinking such, I took money out of Ria-chan’s pochette.
I looked after her pochette because of this and almost forgot~
People have various types of money they use, but Ria-chan has only golden and whitish ones.
If I’m not mistaken, I heard that these white ones are more valuable, so how many do I have to take out?

(Is this enough I wonder~?)
“Wha, Platinum coin!! S, Spirit-sama, t, that’s too much!”
(Oh my~?)
“One Platinum is enough to buy this building in its entirety.”
(Is that so~? Then, this~)

The whitish coin was apparently too much.
I put back the whitish coin and took out a golden coin instead.
This should be fine then?

“G, gold coin……”

My, oh my~?
Is this money perhaps no good too?
Shopping is unexpectedly difficult, isn’t it~

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