Chapter 25

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Don’t Want it Anymore
Carried by Hughley, we left the store together with Kyle Spinel.
Kyle is wrapped in ivy and dragged along by Hughley though.
Well~ every passerby has a dumbfounded expression at the spectacle of a spirit dragging along a human~
Because I’m dumbfounded as well, my tears completely stopped.
Even if I wanted to do something about this situation, Hughley’s state isn’t usual, so I decided to let myself get carried away.
I took a look at the stiffened expressions of my older brothers and the guards behind and I perceived that the situation is worse than I thought.
But, I hated the thought of Hughley being wronged, so I clung with my face to his neck.
My tears have already stopped after all.
I think that the people around will recognize that the dragged person did something to me and won’t direct their anger towards the spirits.

Because there wasn’t anyone to stop a spirit in even in the castle, Hughley imposingly strode straight inside.
Well, there are many people in the castle who know about us, so they won’t stop us.
When we arrived at the King’s office, King who saw the situation immediately cleared out the people and send for Father.
And so they heard the situation from the gathered people and I assumed silence.


In the meanwhile, Hughley’s anger was merciless.
King’s face was overflowing with cold sweat.

“Fred, Bard, what happened?”

Because there was no progress, Father demanded an explanation from Elder brothers Fred and Bard who were with me.
Thus, Elder brothers explained about today’s happenings.


The adults who were in the office and heard the explanation were lost for words.
Well, Hughley nearly went on a rampage, so they would be like that after hearing the story.
Not only today, Hughley further explained about the usual happenings.


They were speechless even further.
Ah, the faces of all adults except Father’s――King’s, Knight Commander-san’s, Butler-san’s, and Aster’s became pale.

“Ah~ That guard made even me feel depressed. I think that Ria is admirable for enduring until now.”

A hopeless expression floated on King’s and Knight Commander-san’s faces.
They are making expressions that make me feel sorry for them.

“However, why did it turn out like that? Erentos and Leoneil chose him, so you thought he would be excellent as a guard, right? I know him only from rumors, but…… he should be a diligent person if I’m not mistaken. I heard that he’s just a bit inflexible, but he became an Imperial Knight by his ability, right?”

I see.
Kyle in my dreams was just like from the rumors Father heard.

“…… Erentos, you have the face of knowing the reason. This situation won’t get any worse. Speak honestly.”
“…… I told him.”
“I told him to be always by her side, not to let anyone suspicious approach her, and eliminate them depending on the situation……”
“You ordered him that?”

It appears that Kyle’s attitude was the result of protecting King’s orders.
Well, although that may be true, I can’t forgive his attitude.

“If you consider Kyle Spinel’s character, an order like that is……”

Father muttered.
Father, I think so too.
A knight would adapt depending on the order, but to Kyle, that order sounded as if he isn’t allowed to make a mistake.
I mean, he’s a person who will execute everything according to the orders.
Father must be having a headache as he rubs his temple.

“W, we must urgently select a different guard――”
“Don’t wanna! I don’t want a guard anymore!!”
“Oy, wait a moment!”

I interrupted King’s words and stated my intention.
Guards are troublesome so I don’t want them anymore!

“Don’t wanna!”
“Ahh, this totally became a trauma for her.”

Father gave up because of my obstinate denial.
While thinking whether they will finally give up on a guard――

(What’s~ the ruckus about~?)

Wind Spirit-san who has helped me during the kidnapping appeared.

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