Chapter 26

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The Wind Spirit-san apparently heard the ruckus and turned up.

(What, what? Did something happen~?)
(Ahh, Wind? I’m just tidying up the vermin surrounding Ria.)

Vermin…… vermin, huh~
Hughley, how sharp you are……
Whether others like it or not, I end up thinking that he might not be wrong~

(Hmm~ Did they perhaps make Ria cry? Green――uh, was it Hugh? Are you finished with the punishment? I want to do it too. Let me join, let me join~)
(Why do you have to join in? I won’t hand over the duty of pest control around Ria to anyone.)
(Eh~ Ain’t that fine. Let me join~)

Wind Spirit-san, are you misunderstanding punishment as entertainment or something?
I will be troubled if you look to have so much fun~

(So? What happened? The vermin, it’s him isn’t it? What’s the matter, was Ria kidnapped again~? You like getting kidnapped, don’t you~)

Nono, it’s not like I like getting kidnapped, you know!?
Hey, there was no kidnapping this time!!

(There’s no way I would make such blunder again. But, there’s no doubt that this fellow is a vermin. He’s a guard made to serve Ria by the human king. Seriously useless!)

Ah, King lowered his head after hearing Hughley’s words.
He’s clearly depressed, isn’t he~
Well, it’s that “you’re paying for your mistakes” thing.

(A guard, huh~ Meaning that Ria is still being targeted~?)
(Ria who has contracted both Miria and me is very attractive to humans. They are looking down at us, aren’t they? There’s no way they would receive the grace of us spirits after disregarding Ria’s feelings.)

That’s right, isn’t it~
Just by getting your hands on me, there’s no certainty you would obtain the grace of spirits as well~
So they are having such misunderstanding……

(Right! Wind, won’t you make a contract with Ria?)
(N~? Well, I don’t mind making a contract if it’s with her~ Ria~ Name~)

Are you going to make a contract with me that easily!?
Nono, Wind Spirit-san, think about it a little bit more!
Right now, you got on board incredibly easily, you know!?

“Hu, Hugh. What is it all of sudden?”
(N? If Ria’s contracted spirits increase, you won’t need to use guards, won’t you? It would be that harder for humans to get their hands on you, right?)

What Hughley said is certainly a sound argument.
If my contracted spirits increase, they would interact with me accordingly cautiously……

“Nonono! Contracting a spirit is not something you just get on board, is it?”
(It’s fine if it’s you. Rather, let me eat that cookie again.)

Ah, Wind Spirit-san, you were pleased with the cookie.

“Even though I would give you as many cookies as you’d like if you came to visit us~”
(Is that so?)
“Yup, those little wind spirits that were with us that time occasionally come as well, you know~?”
(That time? Ahh, those pipsqueaks!)
(I certainly see them often recently~)
“Even though I can give them only a cookie each, they have been bringing presents every time~”

Those children, they bring me nuts and fruit that grows in the forest.
There was high-class fruit among them too.
In addition, there are also spirits who dig up things like gems and ores too.
I was surprised at that~

(Well, it’s fine. Look, Ria. Give me a name~)

Ah, the contract is already a done deal.
Well, I won’t ask anymore if you want to make a contract with me.
My survival rate will increase by that much after all.

“Umm, let’s see……”

A name, name…… that’s right~

“How about Luke?”
(Oh, sounds good. I’m Luke. Ria, let’s get along from now on, okay?)
“Yeah. Luke, let’s get along.”

After deciding the name, a yellow-green light released between Luke and me.
It’s a light of the contract.
With this, I have contracted my third High-grade spirit.

(Oh! We were able to make the contract properly. Well then, wait a moment!)

Once the contract was complete, Luke said so and disappeared somewhere.
I wonder where he went?
Well, I don’t intend to forcefully restrict his actions, so it’s fine.
Besides, Luke has the image of aimlessly wandering around and coming back, doesn’t he?
That’s why I feel like worrying about it would be futile.

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