Chapter 27

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Am I Being Read?
“Erm…… Otousama, Oniisama~ are you okay?”

I asked father and brothers who were silently watching since the Wind Spirit-san――Luke appeared.

“Ria…… you child……”

All members of my family sighed.
…… Why?

“Ria, do you properly understand what a terrific thing you have done?”
“N? Umm…… I know that making a contract with spirit is rare~?”
“That’s not it, you see.”
“You have completed contracts with three High-grade spirits.”

Father is trying to tell me something.
I have certainly made another contract with a High-grade spirit but it was thanks to Hughley’s induction this time though?
It’s not like I did something and got a contract, you know~
No matter what you say, this wasn’t my achievement.

“Probably, a person contracting a spirit might have an easier time contracting multiple spirits. It seems that the contracted spirits might invite other spirits like this time?”
“Nonono. That wasn’t the case until now, you know?”
“Is that so?”
“That’s right. There are many records of those who contracted a spirit but there are no records of anyone contracting multiple spirits.”

Hee~ There are records of spirit contractors~
And, they are saying there are no people with multiple spirits~
Yup, how unexpected.
I mean, those who contract a spirit will be able to communicate with lots of other spirits so it wouldn’t be strange if they made contracts with those children as well, right?
Is there some kind of difference between me and the people who contracted spirits in the past?

“Hey, Otousama~ Then, do you know how many people have contracted a High-grade spirit~?”
“People who contracted High-grade spirits are scarce. If I’m not mistaken, there should be two. Isn’t that so, Erentos?”
“Yeah, there are two.”

Too little!
No, I don’t know how long the records were kept but to think there were only two people among them.

(High-grade spirits won’t easily make contracts after all. If there remain records of two people contracting them, I consider that to be a lot.)
“I, is that so?”

So that means, I’m a considerably special case, aren’t I……
Or, rather than myself contracting with ease, my contracted spirits seem to be making contracts too easily……

(Ria is special.)
“T, that so~……”

Yep, rather, it seems like Hughley has been reading my mind since a while ago though……

(After making a contract, it’s easier for us spirits to guess our partner’s emotions. Besides, in Ria’s case, you are quite expressive, so it’s really easy to understand what you are thinking.)

Yeah…… it’s not as if he’s reading my mind but he can almost read it.
Am I really making such easy to read face, I wonder……

“So easy to understand.”
“”Yeah, easy to understand.””

Father and brothers said so as well.
That’s a bit shocking……
My mimetic muscles, work a little harder!

(Yoo~ I’m back~)

While having such a conversation, Luke returned as if nothing happened.

“Ah, Luke, welcome back~”
(Wind…… not, I meant Luke, where did you go?)
(Just for a little something~ You will know immediately~)

When Hughley asked about his whereabouts Luke gave an ambiguous reply and made some kind of a grinning and scheming face.

(Don’t drag Ria into something weird.)
(It’s fine, it’s fine!)

And then, together with a knocking on the door, a youth wearing a Knight uniform entered the room.

“Excuse me.”

Who might this person be?

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