The Great Nation Remodeling of Reincarnated Princess ~Let's Build an Unrivalled Country~

Tensei Oujo no Kokka Dai Kaizou ~ Muteki na Kuni wo Tsukurimashou
 Fantasy   Shoujo   Slice of Life 
I died for some reason and was reborn as the princess of a kingdom. Father is a man who loves his daughter dearly and Mother is kind as long as you don’t anger her. There’s also the noisy maid who cares for me very much and a black-hearted siscon brother. I have no memories, but I might be able to spend my new life happily… if only the other countries stopped invading us, that is!

I shall recreate many magical tools in this world based on my remaining knowledge from my past life and defeat foreign enemies. I shall force the troublesome socializing to my older brother and live the leisure life of a princess!

I’m going to survive the chaotic times and create the strongest nation in the world with the occasional cases of kidnapping and adventurer activities!

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