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Capture the Princess’s Room 2
Draconia’s Point of View
Volken was already blue in the face. He’s been getting a lot of sarcasm lately from the military authorities and opposition of the investigation. I guess he’s going to be disagreed with even more than before because this will spread the damage to his reputation even further… he deserves it.
And so today, I also watched from the hallway as the room was searched. But it was different from usual. Outside the room laid the motionless “corpses” of the soldiers and Count Ottoman’s private troops. All of them had vacant eyes and were delirious and apologizing to Alicetia. They were sitting or collapsed, staring into the void.

“… It’s your fault. Most of our precious war potential is almost disabled.”


I’m sure Alicetia doesn’t hate Volken even though he doesn’t spoil her and looks at her with sharp eyes, but she’s definitely scared of him, and I’m sure she won’t forgive him easily. If he’s not careful, he will be denied a meeting like the red-faced Count Ottoman over there, and then the military authorities and his opposition won’t forgive him, too. And above all, she won’t forget it. I’m sure he understands that. He seemed to be desperately trying to find a way out of this.

“You lazy bastards!! Get up and search the place!”

Count Ottoman was still underestimating Alicetia even after all this. Certainly no one has been injured or killed. It was just the usual damage to the mind. That’s why he probably can’t understand the reality of the situation… but he should have considered that.

“Sir Ottoman. I can’t authorize the investigation any longer, it will only cause more damage to our soldiers. If you are to continue. You will have to do it on your own. I will only allow it only once.”

I didn’t allow this pig to enter Alicetia’s room, but I’ve had enough, so I will allow him to go in once to shut him up.

“I see, I’m sure only a noble man like me can inspect this place. Then I will go right in.”

I don’t know where he gets his confidence from. This pig is a noble with nothing to offer but his bloodline. He’s not good enough to hold any important position in the country, and he’s just eating up his family’s fortune, so what makes him think he can do it?
Then, half an hour after the pig entered the room, he managed to come out of the room by himself… as if he was running away.
The pig must have been so scared that all his hair turned white from exhaustion.

“Haah, haah… what kind of room is that!!… Haah… shit, why did I have to go through all that… it’s like I was…”

I guess his ego was strong enough to keep him sane, but in a bad way.

“Did you find something?”

I asked the pig with a grin. I don’t think he managed to take anything.

“… Damn it.. no, I apologize.”

The pig says in an exasperated tone. He wiped the sweat off his face with something he was holding in his hand. The moment we saw it, we stiffened.

“… You bastard… what the hell is that in your hand?”


The pig didn’t notice. But I saw it. I saw that the piece of cloth had the royal crest embroidered on it… and that it was underwear.

“It seems that you only wanted to steal my daughter’s panties.”

The pig froze when he saw what he had been using to wipe his sweat off. It was a strange and sexy pair of black panties that he was wiping his sweat with. Based on their size, they were definitely something only Alicetia could wear. And also, they had royal embroidery on them. They were too small to be Sylvia’s size, so they must be Alicetia’s…

“No!! This is some kind of misunderstanding. I must have grabbed them by mistake when I tripped down in the room.”

The pig quickly came up with what he thought was a good reason, but as I said before, this is Alicetia’s room. It may be a storage room, so I don’t know why there was underwear in there… and I don’t know why there was something this inappropriate for her age at that. Anyhow, the pig’s death was confirmed.

“He comitted a disrespectful act towards the royalty. Take him.”

When I gave the order, the knights who had not yet entered the room captured the pig. The knights were so frighteningly menacing that the pig couldn’t move (even if he made a noise, they would draw their swords) and was caught shivering. The pig was charged with capital crime.

“What an unsettling ending, isn’t it?”

“Yeah. I was going to keep baiting the fish for longer, but now it’s just Ottoman, and the rest of the trash will have to be kept for later. What a pain in the ass.”

But why were these panties sealed up over there? I was curious, so I left the soldiers in Volken’s hands again and went to Sylvia.

“What do you think?”

“She’s a girl even though she’s little, after all. To think she would already own lucky panties…”

It’s too early… too early!! It’s important, so I said it twice. Was I the only one who thought of her as a child? Was my daughter more mature than I believed her to be?

“It’s too early… as her father, I’m going to eliminate all the men around her from now on.”

She won’t need these if everyone gets rendered useless.

“Just kidding. Maybe Alicia prepared it for her as a joke, but she couldn’t throw it away, so she hid it in that room.”

“We will have to have a proper discussion when they get back.”

I’m sorry I doubted you, daughter, but there’s no need for you to have these.
And the letter later confirmed the request for incineration and the confirmation that Alicia was the originator. Alicia was to be lectured as soon as she returned, the pig was to be executed, and his house was to be destroyed. And Volken took a month off work due to heartache.
Thus, the inspection of the room ended in failure, with only Alicetia’s underwear found. The pig’s stupidity was quite ridiculed in social circles, and it partially succeeded in reducing the power of the Princess’s Faction.

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