Chapter 27.1

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The Princess plays with the Empire’s nobility.
“You work hard for a country bumpkin, don’t you?”

I was being complimented by a teacher on my magic exam when I heard a voice from behind me.
I looked over and saw a kid standing there with a few of his cronies, but I ignored him and went back to Alicia. I was tired after getting a little serious.

“It’s time for a snack, so let’s go home.”

“Young lady? Please acknowledge the other party at least a little. I feel sorry for them.”

This is clearly an annoying development, and he’s definitely a sarcastic person, you know? To be honest, I don’t want to get involved. I’m tired and want to rest.

“I know how tiring it is to deal with people like that.”

“That is why you always run away from the social life, huh.”

Alicia understood the situation very well, so she just laughed at me.
I tried to escape with Alicia from the idiot son of the noble behind me. I don’t want to get involved with those annoying people, and the people here are the ones who were in the audience room. It’s a kind of harassment no matter how you look at it, and if I’m not careful, I will cry. The tear glands of young girls are fragile.

“Haven’t you country bumpkins ever learned any manners? That’s why you are country bumpkins.”

The idiot son of unknown name was stepping back and calling out the country bumpkins. It’s true that Arland is a country that can be called rural, but its strength is equal to that of the Empire. In a way, it’s a country in a strange position.

“I have learned that it’s a fool’s errand to deal with rude people who won’t even identify themselves. Please leave me alone, it’s too much trouble.”

I said as if to cut him off and hid behind Alicia. In fact, the audience room was the first time I had ever been stared at by numerous people, so I was quite scared.
Alicia seemed to understand this, and she didn’t get angry. For the first time, I realize that Alicia is actually a reliable maid.

“Y… you!! I’m the second son of the Empire’s Viscount, Dusk Oltoise! Don’t get carried away just because you can use a little bit of magic, you country bumpkin!”

Erm… I thought the Viscounts were lower in rank than the Counts. I’m not sure if it’s the other way around in the Empire.

“(Alicia, is Viscount a higher rank in the Empire than the Count?)”


“No, it’s no different from our country. He just want to look down on you, doesn’t he? He is but the second son of the Viscount family and his magic is not as strong as yours, Young lady’s, so he must be jealous.”

The stupid boy’s face turned red like a tomato as Alicia replied in a normal way after I whispered to her. It’s true that as the second son of a Viscount family… he can’t inherit the title, can he? If he was the eldest son, I could barely understand.
By the way, I’m acting as the eldest daughter of a Count family, so if this was true, I could easily become the madam of a Viscount family. In fact, since I am a princess, I can marry into a Count’s family at the lowest, and if I do, that family will automatically be upgraded to a Duke family.

“I thought so. I’m not sure why he’s acting so tough if he’s only the second son of a Viscount. I don’t even know what kind of country the Empire is, I only know that it is a country that always loses to our King and runs away with its tail between its legs.”

I didn’t like the boy either, so I spit out my venom. Well, what I said is true, so there’s no problem… except for their feelings.

“It’s not a country you need to know about. I’d rather you keep living in Arland than in that country, because the taxes are lower, and they don’t have stupid laws. Above all, the Empire’s security is atrocious due to the fact that they have expanded their land through unreasonable invasion, and if a young lady like yourself walked through a town, you would be abducted and sold away.”

Doesn’t that literally spell the end of a country? What kind of pirate nation is that? If you are going to expand your country, it’s the duty of the nobility and even the royal family to rule it properly. I’m sure the land that they have spread to is actually slowing them down. I mean, for a country the size of the Empire, the number of invaders coming to Arland is very small. There are supposed to be a million to two million military troops in the Empire, but only a few tens of thousands of them invade Arland each time.

“Shut up!! Empire is the strongest. And I’m so talented in magic swordsmanship that I’m known as the Child Prodigy of the Oltoise family. I’m more important than just a daughter of a Count.”

“Alicia, what is magic swordsmanship?”

I didn’t understand what he was talking about, and I have heard some unfamiliar words, so I asked Alicia about it. After all, a competent title is absolute when it comes to nobles.

“It’s a martial art used by people who cannot release magic. They are only capable of strengthening their bodies with magic and enhancing their weapons with magic power. But for that reason, they can strengthen their bodies in a wider range of abilities than normal magicians, and the weapons they enhance with their magic power can cut through magic. Only the best of the best, though. I’m sure you can do both, Young lady.”

Hmm, I don’t know about body strengthening because it’s a magic I don’t know, and I also don’t know about using magic power on a weapon, since I only have my wand, and I have never used it as a weapon before. I’m sure I would be able to use it if I learned it, because there’s nothing in magic that I couldn’t do before. By the way, my Boost, and Full Boost are a magic spells that remove the limiter of the user’s physical abilities. It’s not the same as a body strengthening, but it’s very similar, so I could probably use body enhancement, too.

“I’m sure I can, but I would need to see the real thing first.”

The magic that I can use is basically the same magic that my Mother uses, so I can’t use magic spells that my Mother never used before.
And my Mother’s fighting style is mainly that of destruction with firepower, so she has no use of strengthening her physical abilities, and she’s the type that is poor at barriers and defensive spells, so she always leaves that to other people. The only defensive spell she is capable of using is Protect, so she, unfortunately, doesn’t have any defensive grimoires in her possession.

“Young lady, please learn the necessary magic spells first. I don’t want you to continue destroying your room over and over again. I’m the one who is doing the cleaning, so at least learn a barrier spell…”

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