Chapter 27.2

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The Princess plays with the Empire’s nobility.
I have been giving Alicia a hard time. For some reason, the people who become my maids don’t last long, and before I knew it, there was no one left but her.
So, Alicia is in charge of everything related to me. I have heard that there are guards, but there are apparently different people in charge every time so that I don’t remember their faces, and I don’t know who is in charge when because they are basically hiding all the time. I know a lot of the knights who work in the capital, but on the rare occasions I see my guards, I don’t know who they are, so my guards are quite mysterious.

“I will ask Father to put other maids under you, Alicia.”

“I think… it won’t be of use…”

Alicia smiled vacantly as if she foresaw the future.

“Stop ignoring me!”

Hah!! I completely forgot about him.

“Erm, was it Victory family’s third son?”

I don’t even remembered his name… no, I just remembered it… I mean, did he have a face like this? I think he had a more round face… no, that was an Orc-like count from my country. I can’t remember his face. Oh, right! I don’t need to remember it since he’s right in front of me.

“No!! Who is that!! Stop joking around, I’m Dusk Oltoise!!”

“Young lady? Don’t tell me that you forgot his name in such a short time, did you?”

Alicia was glaring at me… It’s certainly not right to forget a noble’s name. But there is no need to remember another country’s… enemy country’s nobility, so I’m not doing anything wrong. When I made such an expression, my cheeks got pulled on.

“It’s a natural skill for a nobles to remember other nobles they meet, no matter how worthless and unimportant they may be. It’s fine to forget someone like him, but if you will be laughed at if you forget the face of your country’s nobles.”

“There are quite many forgetful people.”

“You are going to be out in the world sooner or later, so remember what you see.
If you can’t remember by any means, I can help you with that, but that’s the worst-case scenario, so please try to remember as much as you can… You clearly don’t want to remember this stuff, right?”

Muhh. How can she sense that I don’t want to learn? I’m sure I haven’t shown it on my face, but Alicia can sense it, even though it has nothing to do with her.
I’m a little taken aback by her ability to sense things, but well, it’s Alicia, so it can’t be helped. Even Mother and Father can’t tell what I think from my expression, so it can’t be helped.

“How dare… how dare you insult me…”

Oh… he was shaking. He’s angry, isn’t he?… Hmm, I knew I should have run away as soon as possible. I’m not saintly enough to get used to the nobility of an enemy country. I don’t want to get involved with them, I even hate them. I heard that Mr. Barush, the owner of the magic tool store in the capital, lost his son to them, and Arland suffered a lot to the Empire because of it.
And then… he abruptly took off the white glove he had on his hand.

“I will never forgive you for this humiliation!! I challenge you to a duel!!”

He shouted as he threw a white glove, but before it could reach me, it was cut in half and flew to either side of me. I think there was a movie in my previous life where they blew up meteorites like this.
Looking carefully, Alicia was standing in front of me, holding what looked like her beloved Kukri sword. Apparently, it was Alicia who cut the glove. The skill to cut the glove in half in the air without any resistance is truly worthy of being called a first-class fighter.

“What does this mean?”

“Since the glove did not hit you, the duel is not to be held. It’s dangerous, so please don’t move from there. Depending on the situation, I may have to dispose of it, so I hope you will keep your eyes closed.”

I felt the hairs on my body stand on end. Alicia, who was usually smiling, was glaring at the opponent with eyes as sharp as swords. This has never happened before. She’s always smiling, and she never looks like this, even when I destroy the room. Is this the killing intent? I also felt that Alicia was not her usual angry, and I couldn’t move. It was sharper, colder, and more frightening than the look she gave me in the audience room or the look his cronies were giving me.

“… You! You!! How dare you interfere with the duel among nobility!! You lowly beast!!”

That boy drew his sword while retreating a little. It was most likely a sword-type wand, as it had a magic stone embedded in the hilt.
Unlike the magic sphere, the magic stone does not produce magic power, but it has the property of storing the user’s magic power. It’s best to use a magic sphere to create a wand, but the truth is that magic spheres are difficult to control and not easy to make into wands. Therefore, there are apparently many people who use magic stones in their wands because of the ease of use. Also, that wand of his looks to be mass-produced, so its performance might be as you expect.
Alicia also uses a Kukri-like sword with a magic sphere attached to the hilt. It is rare for a Beastman to be able to use magic.

“I apologize, but I’m a maid, bodyguard, and educator, and I’m going to eliminate all harm to that comes my Young lady’s way. Also, forgive my late introductions, but I’m also a noble with a knighthood, the name is Alicia Aldiss.”

Alicia slowly took off her gloves. Those children seemed quite shaken by it. Alicia was posing as a slave at first glance, after all. I’m sure it was her intention to catch the opponents off guard and keep a low profile, but it was pointless right from the start.

“Hah!? What kind of beasts get to be a noble? That’s why Arland is a barbarian. You should stay being a slave just as you look, and that’s enough for you, you subhuman!!”

The moment I heard these words, magic power overflowed from me. The overwhelming concentration of magic power that I had never released before turned into a physical phenomenon and began to discharge with a bang.
It was as if I couldn’t control it, but I could clearly see that it was all caused by anger. Yes, I was angry. On a scale I have never been at… for the first time in my life, I was furious.
Apparently, this child needs to be disciplined, and the fool who calls himself a child prodigy or some other nonsense needs to know when to yield and learn to mind his own business.

“Young lady!?”

Alicia immediately noticed the change in me and put her sword away and rushed over to me.

“…… Alicia… hand me that glove.”

Alicia didn’t move when I spoke. It appears that I was using Gravity Press unconsciously. I was using it at will, even though I couldn’t normally control it to this extent. My wand’s performance was also lower than that of the Dragon Wand.

“Yo… you can’t. Please calm down!!”

“Give it to me.”

I approached the now kneeling Alicia and forcibly removed the glove from her hand. I then turned towards the boy who also was immobile and threw the glove at him, using Sudden Gust magic.

“It’s a duel!!”

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