Chapter 28.1

Rebuilding a Kingdom with Modern Knowledge Cheat

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Stomping duel (1)
The child who I threw the glove at had a bewildered look in his eyes. The duel that is recognized by the nobility of each country is basically between males, so it was actually quite laughable when he challenged me to a duel, but now I, a girl, challenge him back. This was an act of insulting the other party.
In this world, the status of women is low. In Arland, female nobles are recognized, and even Queens were rulers of the country at one point, but males do have the priority when it comes to the right of succession. So, if I didn’t have an older brother and had a younger brother instead, I’d still be the second in line of succession.
Many countries don’t recognize female knights as well, so it’s difficult for a woman to become a noble, and it’s considered quite an insult for a man to be held in contempt by a woman. In addition, the Empire is a very male dominated country.

“Did you think that only men could challenge others to a duel?”

I asked, tilting my head. The boy noticed my obvious mocking attitude and turned red.

“You mere woman!! You should know your place!! Come out, Salamander!”

As he said this, the cronies behind him moved off to the sides, and out from behind them came a lizard.
Salamander. It’s a monster that lives in areas like volcanoes. It is a rare monster that has a constant flame on its tail and can use fire magic. It’s a very popular monster to use as a familiar, but you rarely come across of it because of its habitat.
In addition to fire magic, salamanders are also popular for transportation because they run fast, so they will cost you quite a lot of coins at a monster dealer.
They are strong, so it’s hard to get a hold of one, but if you are a top adventurer, you can capture one and use the slave collar to control it, just like a slave. Therefore, they are expensive but not impossible to get. By the way, Silver Wolves(?) like Coote, have a very high pride, so the moment you show them a collar, they will attack you with a deadly ferocity.
Even if you caught one, they would often starve to death without eating, so there are not many people who use one as a familiar.

“The use of familiars is allowed in magician duels. What do you think about this!! You are nothing to me.”

The person in front of me… I seriously can’t remember his name, so I will call him A. A was acting as arrogant as he could. It’s true that the Salamander in front of you is almost an adult… but it’s smaller than Coote. And you didn’t even tame it yourself, you just bought it because it came with a slave collar, which means you don’t have the ability to make it obey you yourself. If you have the ability, you don’t need a slave collar, even if you happen to buy the familiar from a monster dealer.

“Salamanders are not uncommon. If you want me to act surprised, use an Attribute Dragon.”

Some of the onlookers erupted at my comment. An Attribute Dragon is rare enough to come out in fairy tales. You can’t just tame one by winning. If not, my father’s familiars would be filled with dragons.

“You can bluff for a little longer. I will make you my toy once I win.”

A noble’s duel is one in which both sides ask for what they want.
If they win, you are supposed to give in to their demands, but the demands can be anything they can give you. Land, honor, women, money, anything. And this time, he wants my entire being. He’s a lolicon, huh. He needs to be educated for the sake of the peace of my fellow citizens (little girls).

“Then, if I win, you will get down on your knees and apologize to Alicia for calling her a subhuman. And Alicia? Don’t struggle too much, or I will put you to sleep.”


I had to warn Alicia, who has been struggling since a while ago. It’s unsightly, so please sit down and wait quietly.

“And in that case, I will call my familiar, too. You are here, aren’t you?”

“Hah? I bet it’s just a goblin or something.”

“Just watch and be surprised. Pu—————”


I held my fingers near my mouth and exhaled as hard as I could… Unfortunately, no sound came out.
It was not a failure, although some people were holding in their laughter. Because, as expected, Coote’s hearing is exceptionally good.
This academy was protected by high walls and barriers for security, which Coote pulverized when he came in through a hole in the wall. Coote already made a blunder before he even realized.


Coote rubbed his head against me while wagging his tail… He used to be a giant over 3 meters tall, but now he was the size of a dog big enough to carry me. When we were entering the town, Alicia and I were talking about how big he was and Coote who was tired of running turned into a puppy and entered the carriage. I can’t imagine what the principle behind it is, but he got this ability when he made a contract with me. So it was decided that he would be a large dog when I was “Alice Fleur”, and when I was an adventurer, he would either be a puppy and hide in my robes or be his original size.

“… A Silver Wolf?… Hmph, it does not even have a collar.”

A… stepped back a bit and spoke as if hiding behind the Salamander. I’m sure he saw what happened to the wall, but the barrier is quite cleverly hidden. Later, the teacher saw the wall and fainted.

“So you are this ignorant even though you dabble in magic? I am the one who tamed it. You don’t need to rely on that stuff.”

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